Time Lapse Video Of A Falling Tsunami Will Make You Realize How Powerful Nature’s Rage Can Be


Look into nature, and then you will understand everything. — Albert Einstein

In the story of creation, life begins with Nature. It’s created before us to sustain us, keep us alive.

Plants, trees, animals, birds, fish, water, everything we find in nature are there to work for us and support us in this journey of life.

The fruits satisfy our hunger and the water quenches our thirst. The sunrise, sunset, moonlight, and even the morning mist fill our spirits with awe and wonder.

The beaches beacon us to dip into its clear blue waters, the ripples of waters flowing along rivers calm our senses.

In short, nature in all its magical beauty provides the essential needs of every human being. It is the very wellspring of our existence.

Nature has been here for eons, feeding various species or even starving them. And the hard truth is, nature doesn’t need humans to thrive. But we need nature to thrive.

The question then is, what have we done to give back to nature?

Most of us tend to forget this important connection we have with nature. We treat nature as if it’s a creation of our hands that we have the power to destroy.

In man’s conquest and insatiable hunger, he punctures holes in the Earth’s ozone layer, destroys the forest, pollutes the air and water, and totally forgets that his actions threaten the welfare and survival of thousands or even millions of living species.

What we do every day with nature may harm it a bit but harms us the most. When nature thrives, we thrive. When it ceases, so do we.

Humanity’s future depends much on the workings of nature. We can’t absolutely destroy nature. But nature can absolutely destroy humans even in a split of a second.

And most often, an out of proportions natural disasters are a result of human’s selfish actions that generate these powerful and raging warnings.

Unfortunately, it will take nature’s fury for us humans to realize the damage we have done to nature and the environment. But we can stop it all by changing our actions.

It’s not too late to take actions that can restore our harmony with nature. We can still save our environment and prevent nature from acting against humans.

We can stop polluting the waters and air. We can start planting trees and preventing desertification. We can do it and we will do it.

Nature is powerful. It can be merciless, but it’s not evil. Once it purges its fury, we can’t help but stand in awe. We fall on our knees in front of its majesty and greatness.

This time lapse video by Peter Maier will show you how powerful nature’s rage can be, pouring down an unforgiving microburst that looks like a tsunami falling from the sky.

The Powerful Rage Of Nature In Form Of Falling Tsunami: