How To Become An Empowered Empath


As sensitive souls, empaths are very susceptible to energies around them. Those who don’t know they’re one, end up feeling drained and grumpy.

They may believe something is wrong with them when the real cause of their worn out emotions are the energies they have picked up from the people or situations surrounding them. If you’ve been accustomed to feeling or sensing the emotions of others, chances are you could be an empath.

The main characteristics of an empath include people pleasing, feeling you’re responsible for other people’s mood, getting drained in crowded places, or feeling uncomfortable with some types of people and feeling at ease with others even if you just meet them for the first time.

But don’t feel that because other people’s energy drains you, you’re already a victim of circumstances. The truth is, as an empath, you are a powerful healer.

There is only one catch though, you need to heal yourself first before you can go out and heal others. You need to provide for your own needs first.

A lot of suggestions to heal as an empath include raising your vibration, spending time alone, being with nature, and giving time for self care. All of these are a big help. But if these things aren’t that effective, what you need may be the things that help you manage your energy and empower yourself.

You may try the following suggestions. When you have followed them through, you may discover how powerful you are as an empath.

3 Ways To Empower Yourself As An Empath:how-to-become-empowered-empath

1. Cleanse yourself of lower vibration energies.

In recent years, scientists have come to recognize that everything in the universe is made out of energy.

This means whether you are in a direct contact with a person or an object, they both vibrate on an energetic level.

And the energy they’re vibrating could either be in lower or higher levels.

The important thing is and where most of us get this thing wrong is believing that empaths can take on the energy of negative people, that’s why empaths should avoid them.

But the truth is, you can only take on the energy of others when you vibrate in the same frequency as theirs whether it be on lower or higher levels.

In order not to pick up the lower vibrations of others, you need to make sure that you’re vibrating at higher frequency levels.

Because you’re only human and couldn’t be positive all the time, when you’re feeling low, try to stay inside to avoid picking up low vibrating energies.

It’s also a wise idea to do rituals that keep your energy vibrating at its best.

2. Take responsibility for your energy.

While it may be true that external factors may play a big part in what you feel, surrendering to that fact makes you feel a victim.

Your mind is so powerful and the universe knows it. When you believe that you need to shield yourself because you’re susceptible to negative vibrations, the universe will go its way to prove to you that you indeed need a shield.

The situations that you have created in your mind will take place to let you know that you’re right in needing a protection or in becoming drained due to the negative energies around you.

As an empath, you’re not under attack.

Your energies are just strong enough to sense the energies around you.

Once you feel these energies, don’t judge them. See them as they are, energies, whether they’re higher or lower vibrations. See everything from a place of love and wholeness.

This doesn’t mean you need to disregard doing the things that raise your vibration. This only serves as a reminder for you to take responsibility for yourself because taking responsibility is empowering yourself in the process.

3. Do everything it takes to develop your love for self.

Self love doesn’t equate with selfishness. In a world where sacrifice for others is looked upon as a noble act, doing things for yourself is considered selfish.

True selfishness is doing things for others even when you no longer can’t just to avoid being labeled as selfish. This is disempowering.

There’s nothing wrong when you want to please people because you’re happy to see them happy. But when you do it often and do it to gain approval, you’re giving your power away.

You’re not loving yourself. You’re doing things out of fear of rejection. Loving yourself is creating healthy boundaries. It’s saying no when you need to.

All of us needs self love whether we’re empaths or not. It’s where our true power comes from.

The following 9 practices will help you in your journey to self love:

1. Let go of disempowering beliefs and listen closely to your gut feelings.

2. Give yourself healthy and nutritious food, which have their own frequencies too.

3. Surround yourself with people who love and support you.

4. Don’t feel responsible for other people’s emotions.

5. Find your own voice and express yourself.

6. Know that pleasing everyone is not your duty.

7. Do more of the things that you love doing and engage in inspiring hobbies and activities.

8. Let go of the victim mentality.

9. Own your power and share your gifts with the world.

On your journey to self love, many challenges may come your way. Repressed emotions and old patterns may surface for clearing and healing.

Howsoever tough the journey may seem, just keep going because, as an empath, you are here to channel your healing and loving energies to others.

This can only be fulfilled when you begin to love and empower yourself the way you’re created to be.