This August Rant From The Heart: Hell And Heaven Are Within You And You Choose What You Will Project


The world is a beautiful place and it is a terrible place. It is filled with the greatest of the greatest and the worst of the worst.august-rant-from-the-heart

The world itself is neutral.

The planet is just a planet. Nature is just nature. Our subjectivity is what gives meaning and labels to things.

The religions we have created, the values and ideals we try to live up to are humanity’s compass to reach divinity. But we forget that this divinity is within us.

We forget that we have given ourselves these values and ideals. The biggest problem is we don’t take responsibility to choose them.

The monsters and heroes we have created, all of those narratives live within us.

However, it’s hard to believe we have any control. So we lose ourselves trying to control everything else.

We lose ourselves trying to escape monsters and hell out there, forgetting these associations are within us.

We do everything we can to avoid the responsibility of truly facing these things within us, so we project them outside of ourselves.

We fight each other out there, projecting our inner turmoil upon each other, making enemies out of each other, telling the same lies and excuses just on the opposite side.

But the world doesn’t have a side, does it? We are all in this together, aren’t we? And in the vastness of The Universe we are far away from everything else but each other.

Literally, all we have in the midst of eternity and infinity is each other. And we let our fears and perceived unworthiness brainwash us against each other.

The truth is, nobody is out there to get you.

We are all just doing the best we can about what we believe is right. The monsters and enemies are within us and we choose upon who we will project them.

But as much as we project enemies and monsters, as more we feed our fears, and as more enemies and monsters we create within others.

It’s not that there is no danger outside, it’s just that there are no predetermined enemies nor sides you should choose from.

The sides exist, but within you. And you create how many sides there will be, how many enemies and monsters are out there.

Both hell and heaven are within you.

You choose what you will project upon the world and that’s all that matters. Either you make someone’s day a little better or a little worse.

You choose what you project.

It’s your power and your freedom to choose. It’s your responsibility to create the world you want to create.

By facing your inner demons, by dealing with your inner wounds, you make the world a better place. You are making yourself a beam of light instead of darkness.

You are not supposed to fight monsters, to defeat empires of evil or save the world in a giant battle between the light and the darkness.

All you are supposed to do to make the world a better place is help an old lady cross the street, smile to a stranger, give someone hope that the day will get better.

To make the world better make someone’s day a little better.

Those little things make the biggest difference. Those little things create a ripple of positivity. And those little things are most sincere.

By consciously choosing to make someone’s day a little better you become an active creator of the better world.

And it’s not your responsibility to create a better world yourself, it’s all of ours.

You don’t just make someone have a little brighter day, but you are inspiring others to do this for someone else.