3 Things We Should All Know About Our Inherent Mental Capabilities


Even before science was able to prove that our thoughts influence our bodies, our intuition was already giving us clues and hints about this truth.

As further studies were conducted, it slowly became clear how the energy derived from our thoughts can influence our mood, health, even a situation or an outcome of an event.

The more science dives deep into understanding our inherent mental capabilities as human beings, the more we astound ourselves by our potential power.

This is also the reason why the culture of meditation and other techniques about mental clarity is on the rise as more people become aware of the power of our mind.

But we are far from understanding our true power. We are just pioneers when it comes to studying the mysteries of the human mental capabilities and our psyche.

There are certain things we should all know about our inherent mental capabilities so we can use our mental power in our own advantage.

3 Important Things You Should About Your Mental Capabilities:things-we-should-all-know-about-our-mental-capabilities

1. Your thoughts can influence your immune system.

The difference between positive thinking and negative thinking is mostly subjective and different in context between each individual.

However, the thing that distinguishes them is whether or not the thinking stimulates the body to create chemicals that support its health or chemicals that can be unhealthy.

The so called negative thoughts are found to have adverse effects on the body. They can change the body’s chemical composition that can lead to problems.

Negative thoughts can also decrease the strength of your immune system and make you prone to getting sick.

On the other hand, people who think positively are found to be much healthier and more energetic than negative thinkers.

Positive thinking creates good chemicals and enzymes that keep us healthy and stimulate our immune system to protect our bodies against diseases.

2. Your mind can improve your performance and give you additional energy.

Athletes are trained to channel their thoughts into energy. The power of thinking is also used in training professional athletes.

The athletes are guided to focus their minds on seeing a picture of themselves winning, employing their emotions in the thought process as if it’s happening in the present.

Creating the experience in the thoughts direct the energy into it, which makes it more possible to happen in reality. It gives them additional energy if they need it.

Many of the best singers think of hitting their notes before they sing. Before they hit the note, they rehearse it in their minds first.

This is the reason why rehearsals are important to them before the events. They bring out the positive thoughts and energy before the performance to make it more successful.

3. You can create any emotion you want to feel with your mind.

We can feel in the present anything that we want just by thinking of a situation that we link with that specific emotion, or another emotional stimuli.

The mere thought makes us feel as if the situation happens in reality, even though it’s only in our minds. It’s because our minds find it hard to distinguish thinking from reality.

Our thoughts are magnetic and electrostatic in nature. Yet, we have the power to control their direction. We can change negative emotion to a positive one simply by visualization.

When we come to understand how powerful our minds are, and that we can control them at any time, we can use this power collectively to influence our planet.

We can heal this world by taking our power into our own hands and spreading thoughts of love, kindness, and empathy.