5 Major Signs Someone Is Attracted To You


When it comes to attraction, we are all interested in finding the secret formula of how to attract someone.

However, most of us don’t even know the signs someone shows when they are attracted to us. We might sit in front of someone who is highly attracted to us and don’t even notice.

As much as we want to hide how we feel towards someone there are clues we can’t help but give out. These subtle signs are stronger than us. They reveal how we feel.

Being attracted to someone is nothing to be ashamed of. Attraction happens on a deep psychological and energetic level, and it’s outside of our conscious control.

What you can do, however, is learn the subtle signs someone shows when they are attracted to you. This way you can know next time you speak with someone who likes you.

5 Major Signs Of Attraction:signs-someone-is-attracted

1. Physical Touch

Someone who is attracted to you will use every excuse to touch you. They will be physical and in close proximity to you. Their body language will be open and they will be turned facing you. Their legs will point towards you and their energy will be open.

2. Dilated Pupils

When you look at the eyes of someone who is attracted to you their pupils will most likely be highly dilated. It is proven that our pupils dilate when we look at something we love and contract when we don’t feel good emotions.

3. Overly Laughing At Your Jokes

Nice way to test if someone is attracted to you is to tell a good joke at first, one that makes almost everybody laugh. After a couple of minutes tell another joke that’s not as funny. If the person you talk with overly laughs at all your jokes it means they like you.

4. They Copy Your Moves

If a person you talk with mimics your movement and behavior it means they are seeking emotional connection with you. When you drink from your glass try to notice if they immediately grab their drink to take a sip. Scratch your leg, see if they do the same.

5. Slight Nervousness

We are all a little nervous when we speak with someone who is really attractive. We might act fidgety and giggle uncontrollably. These twitches are nervous surges arising from the feelings we try to hide. If someone is nervous speaking to you, chances are they like you.

See if the person you speak with shows any of these signs. If they show more than 3 of these signs they like you without a doubt. Being aware enough to notice if someone is attracted to you might help you find your ideal partner.

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