25 Things You Can Do Anytime That Bring Joy


Every person defines happiness differently and yet, happiness it’s everyone’s main goal.

While others say happiness is not the destination but the journey, we can’t really afford to be happy throughout the whole journey, all the time. Bad days just happen.

If you’re a woman, your changing hormones can affect your mood. Some scientists speculate that even men experience peaks and lows in their hormones monthly. Or, maybe, someone just ruins your day and you end up feeling blue.

Just like everything in this world, our mood goes up and down in a form of a wave. It fluctuates. You see, some things are just out of your control.

However, instead of fighting what you can’t control, realize that you have the control and power to lift your spirits up and be utterly joyful when you want to.

The following suggestions are all free and you can do them anywhere and at anytime.

25 Things You Can Do Anytime That Bring Joy:things-that-bring-joy

1. Dance wildly.

Learn some dance moves and unleash you inner dancer. If you don’t know how to do it, a lot of Youtube Videos can teach you how. The important thing is to free yourself and just dance. Play your favorite dancing song and get wild. The freer you let your energy move the happier you’ll feel. And having some fun will certainly lift up your mood.

2. Eat your favorite food.

Certainly, you have a favorite food. Yet, whatever it is, make sure that it’s not loaded with too much sugar. If you really can’t have a cheat meal, making yourself your favorite healthy smoothie is the best alternative.

3. Make a checklist.

Keep yourself busy. List all the things that you need to do the next day. Make it simple so that it’s easier for you to cross them out when they’re done. Just by listing all the things you need to do, you will feel better as this will lift them out of your mind. Accomplishing one by one will give you additional joy.

4. Wear your favorite clothes.

Your favorite clothes may have been reserved for special occasions. But for this day, break the rule and wear it even when you only have to run for an errand. Wearing your favorite clothes just makes you feel confident and happy.

5. Use emojis in your texts.

Send your best friend texts solely in emojis. This is a great way to detach yourself from your emotions. Emojis are described as mere ‘feelings,’ like feeling sad, angry, or happy. This sends the message that at the moment it’s what you’re feeling and not there to stay. Besides, emojis express well the feelings that you have difficulty expressing in words. You can even try to tell a story solely through emojis. Try it, it’s fun.

6. Challenge yourself.

Give yourself a challenge. If you haven’t tried peeling an orange in one peel, this is the best time to do it. Once you do, the small victory is enough to lift up your mood. You can even challenge yourself to learn something new. Or give yourself a monthly challenge.

7. Roll down a hill.

If there’s a hill near your place, go there and roll downwards like a little child. Never mind if the grass stains. You’ll take them out after. Act like a child and play outdoors. This gives you a wonderful feeling of wonder. Just let go and be a child again. Play a game.

8. Face your fears.

Whatever it is that you fear, face it. Say, you’re scared of spiders. Watch a movie on spiders or just go outside and look for spiders. You don’t need to touch it. Simply look at it. This may not eradicate your fears quickly, but at least, you make the move of facing it. You will not believe how happy fear can make you if you just face it.

9. Play a card game.

Playing a card game with others connects you to them and takes your attention away from your feelings. If playing with others isn’t possible, you can play on your own. You can even try to learn some games you can play yourself on the internet.

10. Improve your posture.

A slumpy posture makes you feel downcast even more. Stand straight and straighten your back. Even if you don’t intend to get happy, maintaining a good posture makes you feel confident and in control. You can improve your mood just by standing better.

11. Give away old clothes or stuff you no longer need.

Go through your belongings and sort out those clothing or stuff that you haven’t used in a year. Donate them to charity for free. This way of decluttering gives you a sense of lightness and feelings of gratefulness for having shared something with others.

12. Listen to a podcast or music while washing your dishes.

Rather than playing in your head your complaints about the world, listen to an inspiring podcast. If the podcast won’t work, listen to uplifting songs. This will help you to stay in the present moment and connect with yourself.

13. Dance or sing in public.

If you can, dance or sing in public. You can sing along with the song played in malls. Or simply put your earphones on, then sing with your favorite song. This raises positive vibes in others and makes them smile at you. Seeing the smile of strangers makes you feel good.

14. Forgive someone.

Forgiveness is an act that frees you from the emotional toxicity. Even if they don’t ask for it, forgive those who have hurt you. This cuts the energetic cords that bind them to you. It’s not about them, it’s about you letting go of that toxicity.

15. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual.

Waking up earlier than your usual waking time encourages you to greet the day with more positivity. This gives you an amazing start, especially when you watch the sunrise. Take this morning time just for yourself and enjoy the beauty of nature.

16. Talk to yourself in the mirror.

Look at yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself as if you’re talking with your best friend. Tell yourself how you are valued, loved, and cared for. These may be all you need to feel better. No one can show yourself this tender loving care other than yourself.

17. Hug someone.

Hugs do have amazing health benefits. Hug a friend, a family member, your pet, or even a person you just met. Hugging not only benefits you but to the other person too. The longer you hug, the more you feel better.

18. Stay 5 minutes in silence.

Find a place where you can enjoy some quietude. Try to be still and focus on nothing. The silence can calm your cluttered mind and connect you to your inner self. Try to sense the serenity of the silence. Observe your inner chatter as you let your thoughts calm down.

19. Take a nap.

Napping slows you down and makes you feel fresher. Take some 15 minutes power nap and notice how you feel better after. 30 minute naps are the best if you want to improve your creativity and recharge. It’s best to do them around 3pm.

20. Stretch your body.

Giving your body a good stretch enables your blood to circulate more. An increased blood circulation improves your brain function, which makes you more focused and better able to handle stressful situations.

21. Rearrange your furniture.

Change the mood of your home by rearranging your furniture. This not only moves your body but disrupts the negative energy around. It’s always nice to clean your home and uplift the mood inside. It will give you a sense of being somewhere new.

22. Fake a smile.

They say fake it till you make it. And you make it work when you smile. Smiling encourages your body to feel positive. See yourself smiling if you want or just do it for 30 seconds. You will trick your mind into producing chemicals that make you happy.

23. Snuggle with your pet.

Animals are said to absorb any negative energy from humans. When you’re feeling down, snuggle with your furry friend. Their presence brings comfort and relieves you of tensions. If you don’t have a pet go to the zoo and feed the animals. It’s a fun activity to do.

24. Write in cursive fonts.

Get creative. Write in cursive fonts as if you’re learning it for the first time. Allowing your creative juices to flow gives you inspiration and makes you feel better too. Whatever sparks your creativity and passion, do it.

25. Have a movie marathon.

Spend a day watching your favorite movies from childhood. This not only makes you reminisce about the old good memories of childhood but makes you feel young again. Get your favorite movies and take a day off. Watch them alone, or with your friends.