Becoming More Aware Drains Your Energy And Here Is How To Recharge It


According to Abraham Hicks, we have two vibrational vantage points, which are our inner being and our physical body. In becoming fully conscious, our role is to align these two.

But the process wouldn’t be easy because as you start to align yourself with your inner being, who you really are, the energy moves faster, causing you to get drained all along.

Here Is The Main Reason Becoming More Aware Drains Your Energy:becoming-more-aware-drains-your-energy-how-to-recharge

Raising your vibration

Once you start to raise your vibration through positivity, appreciation, and meditation, you’re focusing your conscious mind and awareness into how the accumulated emotions inside your inner being feel like.

You’re more conscious in the realization of the blending because your attention is being called to it. And you can’t exist in your physical body without being replenished and refueled by the Source energy.

Whether or not your emotions are stronger, you’re just more aware of them. This hyperawareness of your emotions is draining at first. But it’s just because you still have resistance towards these emotions that you kept inside yourself unfelt for so long.

The vibrational gap

The faster your inner being vibrates, the less able you are at keeping up with it. It’s the realization of this gap that drains your energy.

This vibrational gap stands between who you really are and who you are allowing yourself to be.

The drag that you feel might be caused by two things, either you’re moving in a different direction or you’re inner being is having a growth spurt that you can barely manage.

Managing the gap

Your role is to manage that gap through processing your emotions and thoughts.

This is one of the challenges down the path to awakening.

But when you know you’re moving in the right direction, it’s much easier for you to manage this gap even if it would take quite a time. Let your emotions be felt and trust the process.

How To Recharge Your Energy:

There are many conscious ways to replenish your drained energy. Here are some proven options that work:

– Go back to nature and ground yourself;

– Use your voice and sing a song or talk to a trusted friend;

– Spend time with a loved one who lifts your spirits up;

– Move your body through physical activities like walking, dancing or biking;

The choices are limitless.

If everything else fails, you can do the act of surrender. Acknowledge the emotions and allow The Universe to take control.

Doing the right things to manage the gap depends on your preferences, on what truly resonates with you. And when you’re consistent with it, you will soon realize that the blending of your two vantage points no longer drains you. This is the greatest thing that could happen to you through your awakening journey.