4 Priceless Strengths You Get After A Toxic Relationship


Only two things happen to people who got out of a toxic relationship, they either become damaged goods or polished ones.

A toxic relationship is truly damaging when you’re unable to process your emotions in a healthy way.

But when you have the right mental tools to move on while licking your wounds, you’re likely to empower yourself from learning the lessons of that experience.

You will realize that it might have been a blessing, and it might have given you abilities you have yet to discover. For sure it has made you a stronger person.

You become emotionally powerful you’re able to stand against any seemingly insurmountable obstacles that may come your way.

If you’ve been through a toxic relationship and you’re recovering from the bitterness of it, you’re on your way to realize these 4 priceless strengths it has blessed you with.

4 Priceless Strengths A Person Develops After A Toxic Relationship:priceless-strengths-after-toxic-relationship

1. The ability to let go.

Most often, the reason for holding on to a toxic relationship is the amount of time, emotions, and even money you have invested in it.

You’ve done everything you can to make it work. You sacrificed your own needs, tolerated theirs, and might even endured physical abuse or verbal violence.

But when the other person pushed you beyond your limits, you were forced to realize the truth that you have an innate power of releasing yourself from such a cage.

You realized that you always have the capability to let go. And that’s a powerful thing to know.

Not all people know that they have this ability so they stick with things that harm them. Some continue clinging to a toxic relationship even if they’re aware it’s slowly killing them.

The ability to let go is helpful not only in romantic relationships but also to other areas of your life, like a toxic work environment.

Having stood up for yourself once will make it easier for you to do it again should the situation calls for it.

2. Ultimate self sufficiency.

The biggest thing adult people become dependent on is their emotions. Emotions towards a certain reality, towards their partners, even the emotions certain substances promote.

Being dependent financially, emotionally, and even physically to your partner makes you an easy target for abuse.

You allow the abuse to take place because you have given your personal power to someone else.

You subconsciously feel as if you’re unworthy and incapable of providing for your own needs.

But when you’re left alone after the break up, you have nothing in mind but to survive your emotional misery. You don’t know where to begin, you just move out of instinct.

But as you move forward, no matter how small of a step you make, you realize it’s not the end of the world.

You are still there, even with your emotional chaos you still manage to meet your basic needs.

That’s the first clue you get that you have the biggest power over your decisions. You do not need anyone. And as you move forward you discover your own self worth.

Once you’re back on your feet and standing strong, you’ll realize you don’t need anyone to support yourself.

Cultivating this independence make it hard for others to abuse you and treat you like a doormat again.

3. Sharper perception to quickly identify red flags.

When a toxic relationship has tortured you for quite some time you develop a better perception to identify subtle sign that reveal such behavior.

You were shaped into a powerful person, you have developed a perception that makes you more aware of the subtle signals that say danger.

It’s an evolutionary tendency and advantage to look out for things that might harm you, that’s why negative news capture our attention much faster than positive ones.

And now you are, in a way, hyperaware of signs that tell someone might want to harm you.

Knowing these cues saves you from doing the same mistake again. People may not be the same but the patterns are.

Additionally, when you listen to your gut, you will know the right decision.

4. The power to remove yourself from negative ties.

Forgiveness is the sublime act of liberation. You free yourself from toxicity while learning the lesson of the experience.

You forgive not because you want to forget. You forgive because you want to break free from the chains of the past.

It’s not a sign of weakness, rather it’s an indomitable strength that not everyone possesses.

Others hold on to hate and seek revenge because they feel weak if they let go. Revenge is their master. They make decisions based on their hate, they are slaves to their toxicity.

What they don’t know is that the more they hold on to it, the more they bind themselves. Unless they forgive, they would never realize how powerful they are.

Moving on from a toxic relationship means forgiving yourself despite being hurt and in the midst of that emotional turmoil.

You don’t only remove the guilt, but also cut the energetic ties between you and the other person.

Untangling yourself from a toxic relationship is never easy because the damage could go far beyond your emotions. It could damage you mentally and spiritually as well.

But when you manage to do it, to free yourself from that toxic environment, you will be able to forgive more easily in general.

You will be able to free yourself from other negative ties you have in your life because your forgiveness muscle has become much stronger.

But you need to take the pains of accepting responsibility for being in such relationship in order to heal and forgive. Sometimes the ego can insanely resist this.

The healing process may take months or years, but once the wounds are healed, you’re like a butterfly getting out of a cocoon, powerful, strong, and beautiful.