6 Steps To Live A Much More Meaningful Life One Day At A Time


The substance of your life is largely dependent on the things that you do every single day.

If you don’t do the things that excite you, your life will lose it’s luster until you could no longer get hold of it. You will get stuck in a rut and will only realize this when feelings of depression and hopelessness stare you in the face.

Because you’re a divine being destined to shine, these unhealthy emotions are only there to tell you to change something in your life.

You need to switch directions and seek meaning to your existence. This can’t be done in one single day, but it can be done one day at a time.

Shifting your life into a meaningful existence is a gradual process that starts with changing the things you do every day, and before you know it, you’ll start waking up excited again.

6 Steps To Live More Meaningfully:steps-to-live-much-more-meaningful-life

1. Define what you want.

Get clear about what you want in life and how you want your life to turn out.

The Neuro Linguistic Programming says that humans move in two ways, towards and away from something.

You can either move towards what you want or move away from what you do not want.

This is seen in your daily routine, like your choices, activities, habits, food, the people you meet. Are you avoiding things or are you surrounding yourself with things that you love?

Let’s say, you want to live an abundant life, yet you focus on the things that block you from achieving this abundance.

This is where the law of attraction works. You can’t have what you don’t focus on, and what you focus on is what your perception fills your reality with.

You need to know exactly the things you want so you can focus on them, instead on what you do not want.

So let your first step be listing all the things you would like to be a part of your everyday life like habits, people, material things, relationships, thoughts and emotions.

2. Focus on the things you can control.

In your quest to knowing what you want, you need to consider the things that are under your control and those that aren’t.

For example, wanting your partner to change and wanting to change your work environment are two different scenarios.

Your partner is a different individual who has a mind of their own and whom you can’t control. It’s only your attitude towards them that is under your control.

If your partner is abusive, you can choose either to stay or to leave.

On the other hand, wanting to change your work environment is under your control.

You have a full control over your career and you have the power to do everything you want about it.

The second step is to focus on what you can control and let go of those you can’t.

3. Get out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes the things that keep your life stuck are found inside your head. They’re the fears that hold you back from doing the things that can improve your life.

Staying in the comfort zone keeps you safe while stops you from evolving into your best self at the same time.

When the thought of calling a prospective client scares you, then stop thinking of it. Instead, do it.

Overthinking and overplanning can greatly harm you.

Make your third step a habit to do one thing a day that brings you closer to your dreams, no matter how small.

4. Change your routine.

Change the way how your mind works by altering some of your ordinary routines.

Wake up 10 minutes earlier. Change the position of your bed. If you drive to work, take a bus or a cab. If singing in the shower is not your normal thing, do it.

The point is to get your mind out of the mundane mode.

When your brain senses this change, it will open up new space for change.

The fourth step is to proactively change your daily routines so you’ll rewire your brain to perceive things in a different way.

5. Offer a helping hand.

Everybody needs help with something.

They may be your neighbor who is struggling in the early stages of motherhood, your nephews or nieces who are struggling in their school projects, or the beggar you meet along the street.

Offer the help that you’re capable of giving. It not only makes their day but makes you see the value of yourself.

No matter how small your act, it makes your life more meaningful. It makes you realize that there is always something you can give.

The fifth step is to offer your service to other people.

6. Give thanks.

Being grateful opens your eyes and shifts your perception to see more the things that you have. This practice puts you in an abundant state.

When you list at least 5 things you’re grateful for, you will realize you have been blessed more than you’re aware of.

As you focus more on what you have, the less likely you’ll think of the things you lack. And living through abundance helps you have a higher vibration.

Doing this every day for a week, a month, or a year brings your life to the destination you want to be, and to an existence full of meaning.

The sixth step is the habit of shifting your perception towards abundance instead of lack.

When you implement all these steps in your everyday life you will make your life much more meaningful.