9 Reminders Every Mystic, Shaman, And Healer Must Know


The mystics, shamans, and healers are exceptional beings called to help in the evolution of humanity. As such, their journey is different from any ordinary human beings.

They often face challenges and darkest moments that are necessary for their spiritual journey.

If you feel you’re one of them, there are things you should always be wary of to prevent yourself from getting off course.

Every Mystic, Shaman, And Healer Must Be Reminded Of These 9 Things:reminders-every-mystic-shaman-and-healer-must-know

1. Your mission is to help others align their vibration with the Earth.

Being a healer doesn’t mean you’re here to heal humanity of their physical condition and illnesses. You’re here to help humans align their vibration with the Earth and the cosmic energies.

These are necessary for the evolution of mankind. Even children can help their parents to stay present.

2. You can be perfectly okay despite the chaos around you.

The world may be in chaos but as long as you’re able to maintain yourself in a state of complete health and inner harmony, you will not be affected by the negative things around you.

However, if you’re still struggling with your own transformation process, you may be faced with hardship and pains.

3. The concept of your spiritual path has changed.

Along your spiritual journey, you will come to a state of being. In this state, you suddenly hit a bumpy road that tells you you’re not going anywhere because you are already there.

You are in the here and now moment. And you have entered into a space of existence where time is no longer linear.

4. You create something new.

Being in the now moment means you’re creating something new. What comes up may be beautiful at times, yet terrifying at other times.

But if you create something from the heart, out of a deep love and gratitude, with the purest of your intentions, you become well balanced and in harmony with yourself.

This leads to the materialization of something at a soul level.

5. You live in your own reality.

As you live in your own truth and your own reality, the people around you may live in their own reality too. At some point, your vibration doesn’t match, which may lead to letting go.

A void may be created, but someone may come to fill that void, someone whose vibration matches with yours. And they’re the very people who support your growth and evolution.

6. You will learn from the Earth.

You let go of what no longer serves you and crave to know more about the Earth. You seek the nourishment and cleansing that the Earth can provide you.

You will learn and grow by knowing yourself more and to where you come from.

7. You learn and think with the heart.

Love will be your focus. You may speak less but act more out of love. You send messages to others from the energy of your heart center.

8. You show empathy and love for others.

Whether they be strangers or people close to you, you communicate with them out of your deep love. And this love could be infectious that the more you share it, the more others will pass it on.

9. You should be aware of where your energy goes.

A vertical energy flow connects the Earth and the Cosmos while a horizontal energy flow connects the astral planes where the negative thoughts can be formed, including the energy and feelings of people.

Toxic thoughts and feelings may cause diseases in humans, which make them unfit for the new paradigm. Hence, the process of their evolution may be lengthened.

But as they continue to evolve, their spirits may find its proper alignment at the right time.