This April Rant From The Heart: You Are Enough To Be Who You Want To Be


These past couple of months I started implementing different habits into my lifestyle with the intent to become a better version of myself.

But as I kept working on myself I realized something: Even the journey of improving yourself is an egoistical labyrinth based on the assumption that you are not enough!

We keep postponing what we really want to do, how we really want to live our lives by lying to ourselves that we first need to do something, improve something, learn something, in order to be ready to be who we want to be.

But all of this is wrong!

You don’t need to have all the right things to start! Just jump! Go for it!

Be who you want to be!april-rant-from-the-heart

You are already enough to start living the way you want to live even though you are scared and you keep giving yourself excuses.

Money, skill, approval, motivation, knowledge, all of these things come later. They are irrelevant for being who you want to be.

You keep using them as excuses, and you know this deep inside yourself!

If you think you lack something to do what you really want to do, than too bad buddy.

All you can do is either accept the fact you lack the thing you think you need and find a way despite this, give up, or acquire it.

There is no other alternative!

Think about this. Nobody really cares that you don’t have the money or the skills to be who you want to be.

The only one who really cares about you is you. So it’s up to you to find a way.

But most of the things you think you need are just excuses.

You keep giving yourself excuses because you do not believe that you are enough to be the ideal of yourself you keep striving to become.

You are scared to accept your greatness because you don’t know how or why you deserve it.

And I am not going to try and convince you that you deserve your greatness.

That’s your responsibility!

All I am saying is to stop giving yourself excuses because even if these excuses push you to implement better habits into your life, they will not help you to be the best version of yourself. You postpone living like you really want to live and that’s your problem.

The best version of yourself is doing what you really want to do right now, no matter if you suck at it, no matter if you are scared, if you are rejected, ridiculed or made fun of.

None of those things really matter!

If you want to learn how to play a guitar but you do not have money to take classes, or even buy a guitar, improvise. Borrow a guitar, ask someone on social media if they want to borrow it, learn from free guitar classes on YouTube or some other network.

If you want to find a partner but you can’t get into clubs or you don’t have time to go out at night, approach people in parks during daytime, if there is no park near you approach them on the street, in stores, connect with people on social media.

If you want to write a book but you don’t really know how to write nor the whole concept of what you want to write, just start. You’ll learn along the way through experience. Just follow your inspiration and you’ll discover the concept for your book.

Whatever you want to do, just stop giving yourself excuses because nobody cares. Stop complaining and find a way yourself!

Start being yourself and live like you truly want to live and you will acquire everything you think you needed along that path.

You will learn what you need to learn, you will improve your skills and you will evolve with your true essence. That’s what matters!

You are enough to be who you want to become!

So just freakin start!