These Are The 4 Fundamentals Of Life You Should Focus On First Before Everything Else


At some point in life, we are faced with a void that forces us to look at our life and figure out what’s missing. Granting that we have it all, money, investments, house, car, fame, etc. there is still something that seems to be missing.

If you’re one of those who has given the time to reflect on their life, you may have discovered that the fundamentals of life aren’t the shiny objects. It’s something more profound, something that gives life more value and meaning.

This may come as quite surprising, but the most important commodities of life are simple things that don’t have a monetary value attached to them.

The fundamentals of life are the following: purpose, time, health, and relationships.

The 4 Fundamentals Of Life You Should Make A Priority:the-4-fundamentals-of-life-you-should-focus-on

1. Purpose

Your purpose is the why of your existence. It’s the thing that makes you tick, the breath you take when life gets tough, and the being you want to become even though you don’t know its name.

If you haven’t known your purpose yet, the following hints may help you:

– Ask yourself where you want to be 5 or 10 years from now.

– Figure out the things that make you excited and fires you up.

– Ask yourself for the reasons that make you want to get up each morning.

Find out the answers to the above questions. Most often, they lead you to your inner self to what really matters to you.

But there’s one thing you should be aware, though. Since you’re an evolving being, what matters to you now may no longer matter in the following months or years.

Self discovery takes time. Just do what you feel you should do because that’s your gut instinct telling you.

You may not understand it now, but things will become clearer to you as your life unfolds to your true purpose.

2. Time

One paradox of life is not having enough time while others seem to have everything done in the equal number of hours allotted to us in a day.

Of course, this all comes down to our choices and life situations. When you’re taking too much responsibility on your plate, the twenty four hours in a day are never enough.

What’s not healthy is, when you spend most of your time on things that rob you of the space you have for yourself. You will likely lose balance when you don’t give time to doing the things that you want.

No matter how big your responsibilities in life are, never forget to do the things that can make you happy like engaging in hobbies or fun activities.

Time is a precious commodity that once lost, could never be retrieved back.

3. Health

Health is important but often gets neglected until our bodies call our attention. Health is wealth as they say.

While you still have your health, give it value and don’t wait for some reasons to get serious about having a health regimen and following a healthy lifestyle.

Keep your mind healthy by stimulating it regularly. Reading and being around with stimulating people helps you to be mentally healthy.

Meditation is also the best way of strengthening your mind while keeping you emotionally healthy.

Whatever your preference of physical exercise is, just do it on a regular basis. Whether it be a gym workout, yoga, walking, or swimming, the point is to keep your body moving and chase those stresses away.

Give yourself the right nutrition it needs along with lots of fluids. Regular check ups with your physician is also a wise idea to prevent nasty things from happening in your body.

Above all else, never forget to be kind and gentle with yourself. When you love yourself this much, loving others becomes effortless.

4. Relationships

How healthy are your relationships? One of the culprits that prevents you to maintain a healthy relationship is your “busy ness”.

In a world where you’re competing with deadlines, relationships may wait in the back door.

Only that other people have their own life to live too. If you can’t give them time, they may seek others who can make them feel important.

Your loved ones may not be too demanding of your time, but let not this be a reason for neglecting them.

Your relationships are your foundation, your bedrock. When things work against you, it’s in your relationships that you seek refuge.

Take care of them while they’re still there. Be with your kids while they’re still small because they won’t stay that way forever.

Be with your parents while they’re still there. You never know how long they will be spending time with you.

Maintain your friendships so that they’d still connect with you until old age.

Purpose, time, health, and relationships. Do you have all of them now? If no, start right now. If yes, treat them wisely.