Astrology And Cosmic Update For April 2018: Here is What April is Bringing for Each Person


The past month has been a month of unprecedented changes at a soulular, cellular, planetary, and cosmic level.

The energy has also simultaneously created a funnel. A vacuum to extract the darkest energies of past creations of this world.

This month is all about emerging the positivity and light we hold within us and pouring it out into the world to replace and heal the darkness we have extracted.

This symbolism applies to our psyche and consciousness. The past month has been a month of highlighting our own darkness and giving us room to get to know it so we can heal it. This month is giving us room to heal the darkness while highlighting our inner light.

The purpose is to heal our shadows and remember the light side of ourselves so we can grow through it into better versions individually as a person, and collectively as society.

Here Is What Astrologists Say April Has In Store For Each Person:what-april-2018-is-bringing-for-each-person

The Energies:

The March 31st Blue Moon kicks off the energy for the month of April, and will be guiding all of us to find balance when it comes to our mind, bodies, and souls.

This need for balance is going to be important for the month of April as there is going to be a push and pull type energy that may make us feel scattered and even confused.

On one hand we are going to have strong fiery energy that is going to be pushing us along at great speeds. We are going to feel optimistic and fired up to do things sooner rather than later. But on the other hand, we also have this slower, more methodical energy that is urging us to take things slow and be patient.

Looking at the energy as a whole, the slower, more methodical approach is going to serve us the most in the long run, so as you move through the month, try to stay grounded and give things time to settle.

The more you can find your center and stay connected to yourself, the easier it will be to find patience and allow things to unfold in their own timing.

Mercury is also still in retrograde for the first part of April, so going within and assessing your deeper thoughts and feelings before projecting them outwards is important.

To clear this, the only thing we can do is go within and work out how we are communicating to ourselves, and what language our inner voice is using to speak to us.

Cosmic Events:

Mercury will go direct in April on the 15th, around the same time as the Aries New Moon. This New Moon is going to bring with it some challenges, and perhaps we are going to have to come face to face with some truths we’ve been avoiding or others kept from us.

This New Moon may feel painful, and there may be some rebuilding or the breaking down of old structures that comes along with it, but again, staying grounded and being patient is really going to help.

April has a lot of heavy energy attached to it, so be gentle with yourself and take the time to do things to restore and recharge your energy.

Ultimately, by taking it slow and allowing things to unfold in their own time, you will be able to enjoy the ride through April’s energy a little better.

April 17th also brings a huge shift with Chiron moving out of Pisces into Aries, where it will stay until 2027.

Chiron represents our wounds and what lessons we have come into this life to learn and grow from. With Chiron, the lessons are usually of a deeper, spiritual nature and cause shifts on a subconscious and energetic level.

With Chiron moving out of the last sign of Pisces and into the first sign of Aries, we are all going to be working with that bridge between the old and the new. We are all going to be working on bringing subconscious thoughts, wisdom and feelings into our conscious mind.

This is a powerful time for receiving cosmic information and also, powerful time for clearing and healing childhood wounds or any wounds that you may have around your identity.

All this energy makes April a very interesting month that is really going to be stretching us to grow spiritually and emotionally while helping us heal our inner wounds.

April wraps up with the Scorpio Full Moon on the 30th, which is one of the most potent Full Moon’s of the year.

Scorpio energy is all about transformation and the cycle of death and rebirth, so by this time it is likely we will all be leaving something to rest and marching forward with some new insights and inspirations as we move into the month of May.


April holds the vibration of number 4, which is a number that represents death and rebirth, guardian angels, and family connections.

It is a powerful number that matches an equally powerful month, so enjoy the ride and remember, patience and staying grounded is key!

It’s all about healing our inner wounds our darkness showed and remembering the potential of our light, about bridging the old self with the new.


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