The 4 Step Alchemical Process That Makes You The Best Version Of Yourself


Even though we have different perceptions of what matters most in our life, we all go through the same process of doing things that bring us closer to our truth.

Because of the past programming that has been installed in our brains by family and society, we have a distorted perception of our self. We need to constantly go through these psychological obstacles that have been running in our system.

However, there is a way to uninstall these programs and reemerge our true self, or even redesign a better version.

The alchemical process that was used to transform elements and transmute one element into another can be adapted and applied as a psycho transformative practice of the self.

This alchemical process was tweaked into a 4 step process through what your self is being broken apart and remerged as a new version that you alone design and mold.

The 4 Step Alchemical Process To Become The Best Self:alchemical-process-that-makes-you-the-best-version-of-yourself

1. Calcination

In alchemy, calcination is the process of heating and decomposing matter. In a way, this is a process of breaking parts of ourselves that prevent us from being truly happy.

We lose focus of what truly matters when we allow the idea of perfection prevent us from exploring our deeper self. We avoid the possibility of being flawed and making mistakes, so we stop even looking at the dark corners of our psyche.

To enhance the focus of our true self, we need to break down our ego, self doubt, stubbornness, and other behaviors that sabotage our self.

2. Dissolution

Once we have stripped away that parts of our self that are in the way, we move on to the process of dissolution.

Dissolution takes place when we no longer identify with our false sense of self and more in tune with our inner world.

Going through this process is a bit hard since we come face to face with both our positive and negative qualities, their effect on us and the people around us.

As we take responsibility for our many faults, embrace traumatizing memories and face the inner tensions that rise to the surface, we slowly heal all the pain that is within us.

It’s here where we need to choose to act rather than react to life. Forgiving ourselves and others is easier when we’re less reactive.

Sometimes, too, dissolution is brought about by an illness or an accident where we’re forced to put more focus on the things that truly matter.

3. Separation

Separation is the stage where we put more emphasis on the things we want to focus on in life and ignore the rest. It involves recognizing our authentic thoughts and emotions.

For example, when we choose to free our self from resentment, to forgive someone comes easy. We forgive not because we want to ignore the things that were done to us, but we forgive because we are seeing things in a new way, we see holding a grudge as poison to our own being.

Taking what works and letting go of what doesn’t is the best way in redesigning ourselves to our best version.

4. Conjunction

Conjunction is the last stage of this psycho alchemical process where you need to recombine the saved elements from Separation into a new substance.

This process requires the practitioner to normalize the new version of their self and integrate it within their being. You can understand Conjunction as the empowerment of our true selves, the union of both the masculine and feminine sides of our personalities into a new belief system or an intuitive state of consciousness.

As you combine the saved elements into a new version of yourself you need to integrate them into your psyche by building upon them. The best way to do this is to create habits that are inspired by this new version of you and implement them into your lifestyle.

What After These Steps?

Focusing on what you do not like about yourself, dissolving it and separating the elements that you would like to keep by merging them into a new self is a cycle you can repeat.

These 4 steps can be repeated whenever you feel that you have a layer of you that needs to be pealed off in order for a better version of you to emerge.

In fact, we are always becoming, so look at this process as a spiral that continuously produces a better version of you and enables you to be your best self.