12 Things That Are Poisoning Your Soul And Dim Your Light


We came into this world as pure souls, innocent, and perfectly beautiful. But because we have no idea what’s the best way to live, we tend to lose our way by listening others.

Our family, environment, and culture can only teach us what to do or not to do but not point us to our ultimate life goals.

It’s because our life destination is an individual journey no one can provide us with a clue. It’s only when we tune into our deepest selves that clues start to appear.

But before this happens, we undergo a series of trials and errors, meeting with lots of disappointments and constant struggles.

It’s only when we are willing to let go of every assumption of how we think we should live that our right way to live reveals to us.

However, along the way of self discovery a certain emptiness tends to creep within you, or lets say it gets highlighted. Many things around you are actually linked to this darkness that’s poisoning your soul and prevents your true light to shine.

A part of the journey is to identify these things and get rid of them. In fact, the journey inwards is not about reaching some destination but realizing that you are already where you need to be but there are just some blockages that prevent your soul from shining.

The journey inward is all about removing the blockages that poison your soul and dim its true shine.

If you feel as if the only way to fill the emptiness inside you is by going away and leaving everything behind, then your soul might be threatened and poisoned by things around you.

Instead of running away, identify these major threats and get rid of them.

12 Things That Are Poisoning Your Soul:things-that-are-poisoning-your-soul

1. You don’t learn from your mistakes.

Our greatest lessons come from making mistakes. Big, ghastly mistakes often awaken us from our deepest slumber.

If you find yourself committing the same mistake over and over again, this can ultimately exhaust your soul, especially when you beat yourself for it. This is a pattern that says something needs to change.

You better listen to this, or else, you’ll lose your soul altogether. Pay attention to what needs to be done and do it immediately.

2. You keep making excuses.

Because your soul is pure, polluting it with excuses and lies can spoil it. Making excuses would be an easy way out, but only for the short term.

Your soul sees and hears what you’ve done, and will soon make you accountable. You better accept your mistake, no matter how embarrassing they may seem. At least, you’ll come out with a clean slate after that.

3. You dread the future.

The accumulation of lies certainly creates havoc in your spiritual life. You dread seeing the future because you’re not at peace with your present.

You’re afraid things might go wrong or become worst. Instead of focusing on the uncertain future, concentrate on the present.

Do the right things. Correct what needs to be corrected because it’s only in giving your best shot in the present moment that you can ascertain a positive future.

4. You dwell in the past.

Your soul is unable to live in the present because your mind prevents it by holding onto the past. Not moving on is like depriving your soul of fresh air. It cannot breathe or even move.

Let bygones be bygones. There’s nothing you can do about your past. Stay in the present and allow your soul to guide you.

5. You engage in negative self talk.

Your soul cries in silence every time you feed it with negative self talk. It knows who you really are, thus it won’t accept the lies you tell it.

But because you can’t hear its groans, it communicates with you through your emotions. It makes you feel bad about yourself and the life you’re presently living.

Substitute the negative self talk with the positive ones because that is who you truly are.

6. You let others abuse your kindness.

Your soul knows the intention of others; that’s why it’s saddened when others abuse your kindness for their own benefit. For every kindness done, your soul doesn’t expect anything in return because it knows the law of karma.

But when you feel not good enough because of the way others treat you, after getting what they want from you, your soul feels betrayed.

Learn to stand up for yourself and set healthy boundaries to protect your soul from excessive abuse.

7. You do things that aren’t aligned with your life purpose.

Fulfilling your life purpose is the main reason why you’re in this world. Your soul knows that and it’s the sole thing your soul wants you to follow.

But when you focus on chasing things that aren’t aligned with your purpose, it gives your soul unrest. Listen to what your soul is telling you and not what others want you to do.

Your soul wouldn’t give you peace unless you allow it to speak.

8. You oppose your true nature.

Family or peer pressure have the tendency of pushing you to do things that don’t make you happy. Because you avoid disappointing the people you love and want to come up to people’s expectations, you define your life based on their terms.

Your soul isn’t happy with that because it knows who you truly are and it wants nothing but for you to give yourself full expression.

9. You say yes even if you don’t want to.

Saying yes when you mean no is doing things against your will. Say yes when you mean to say yes but learn to say no when you don’t want something. Even if others judge you stay true to yourself.

Your soul wants you to be honest with yourself and with others. If you can’t do that, you’re devaluing your true self as well as your soul.

10. You hold onto things that no longer serve you.

Things come in our lives for different reasons. And there are some that, no matter how important or valuable they may appear, they’re just worth letting go of.

When you’re supposed to let go of things, do so with the belief that it’s not meant for you. Something much better is prepared for you.

If you won’t let go, this thing will do more harm to your soul in the long run.

11. You keep toxic people as company.

Toxic people seldom, if ever they could, bring positivity in your life. They’re the people who put you down, embarrass you, or directly insult you.

Your soul couldn’t stand with this kind of treatment because it knows you don’t deserve this. Abusing you because you don’t come up to their expectations is not enough reason to treat you this way.

Save your soul by letting go of toxic people.

12. You don’t love yourself enough.

The easiest way to kill your soul’s shine is not loving yourself enough. Love is the ultimate expression of yourself, your true being.

Love is the light where your soul thrives. Without this light, your soul will wither in darkness. Practice self love. It’s where everything good in your life begins.