3 Ways How To Overcome Your Fearful Mind And Make A Friend Out Of Fear


Fear is not a monster, as most people are used to see it. It’s an evolutionary defense program that ensures your and your species survival. If anything, fear is your bestest friend because it wants nothing else but you to be completely safe!

However, its intensity and persistence can overshadow the other programs we have and make us design our lifestyle based solely by fear’s blueprints.

The more we feed our mind with it, the more it takes control over our lives. But what fear says is not a fact. It’s just suggesting to us where might be potential danger, it’s not sharing highly possible scenarios, nor even slightly possible scenarios in most cases.

Fear is simply generating patterns from where we are to a possible dangerous scenario using our creativity. If we let it control our lives it will build walls and imprison us more and more until it sucks out all the things that make us feel alive and all the light we have in our life.

The ironical thing is that by trying to keep us away from danger in such extreme levels, fear is putting us in the most dangerous prison, a limited mind where the reason for living is slowly sucked out.

It’s this fear that takes away the lives of many people because fear blinds them into believing that life is without meaning.

Fear is advantageous because it sends us signals that something might be dangerous and we should be aware. However, fear is destructive when you allow it to cripple you from living a joyful life. You cannot be completely rid of danger. You can be smart about danger and that’s how fear can serve you.

Making a friend out of fear and conquering it is what gives life into your life.

3 Ways To Overcome Your Fear:How To Overcome Your Fearful Mind

1. See fear as it is.

There may be some incident in the past where your fear has been rooted. For example, you might have been bitten by a dog when you were a child and since then you were afraid of dogs.

But you know what the funny thing is? When you’re afraid of a dog, the dog senses your fear.

Let’s say, you’re walking with someone who is not afraid of dogs. Suddenly a dog appears and runs after the both of you. But it goes not to your friend but to you.

It’s all because of the workings of fear. Your fear is so strong the dog senses its vibration and smells the endorphins your body produces. Those stimuli tell the dog that it can dominate you and the natural way is kicking in giving it the urge to run after you.

The same is true with the universe, which is impartial and not personal. The universe gives you the things for which you vibrate highly at.

Things always look frightening because that’s how you perceived them. But take a look at all your worries in the past. Did all of them happen? Certainly, they didn’t.

Don’t buy into fear. It’s not worth your life.

See fear as it is, a program that generates possible dangers. Some of them are reasonable, most of them are not. Acknowledge what it says, do not take everything it says to seriously and evaluate your actions based on what you love.

Use fear’s suggestions as signal of where you should be more cautious or where you should find a better way, but do not use it to dictate your direction.

When you see fear as it is, an evolutionary program, it stops being the monster most people make out of it.

2. Tune in to love.

“Perfect love casts out fear”. You may have heard this phrase before and it’s a useful tool in dealing with fear.

When you tune into love, it changes your aura. Love can be your shield when fear tries to scare you.

But most importantly, love tells you what’s really important for you and that thing overshadows fear.

In the face of fear, remember your loved ones and the things or memories that truly made you happy. Remember how you are loved.

It’s even better when you trust in the higher power and know that the love of the Universe or your Source is protecting you.

3. Believe in your own power.

Believe that you’re not a helpless human being. You’re powerful because that is what you are. And no matter what fear says, it’s always up to you to make the decision.

That’s what fear can not take away unless you give that power over to it.

Because of free will, your power waits for you to acknowledge and accept it before it presents itself to you.

It takes serious ownership of your decisions to become self empowered. You need to have lots of awareness and take responsibility for your actions before you’re able to step into your power.

You have the power to transform and transmute any situation when you wish to. And you can subdue fear if you wish to. And the easiest way to subdue fear is to face it head on. Evaluate what it says, look it in the eyes and let it know you are the boss.

As Jim Morrison bluntly puts it:

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”

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