7 Things You Need To Release To Transcend Your Ego


Termed as the “lower self”, an ego is a third dimensional tool that our human body needs for identity and protection. It’s not who we really are, rather an image we identify our self with.

Driven by fear, it wants to be in control, and even prevents us from loving ourselves more fully.

However, the ego plays a significant role in our healing and ascension. It kept on pushing us to unmask the layers of ourselves that lie beneath so that we may be able to vibrate higher and become whole again.

But the process isn’t easy because the ego will always try to trick us in any way possible for the fear of change. Once we reach this breaking point, we suddenly awaken to the truth that the answers we’re looking for can be found outside of ourselves.

In the process of awakening, the ego slowly loses its grip on us but we need to thank it for bringing us to a place we’ve been destined for. We will let it know that it’s no longer needed in exploring the higher aspects of our self.

When the ego knows its rightful place, it will step aside to allow our higher self to lead us. But dealing with the ego is not an easy task. It’s like uninstalling a software that we have been programmed with.

There are 7 things you need to release in order to let the ego step aside and transcend it so you can vibrate higher!

7 Ways You Can Transcend Your Ego:things-transcend-your-ego

1. Release yourself from getting offended.

Everything that others say or do is a projection of their own false self and their own reality. Stop being offended by their words or actions.

Though the subconscious mind tells one thing, the conscious mind says the other. And people tend to listen more to their conscious mind than to their subconscious self.

When you follow the golden rule that your subconscious or higher self is telling you, you will offend no one because you refrain from saying things that you know can hurt others.

2. Release yourself from the desire to win.

In this modern world, competition is the key to advancement. Or so they say!

Challenges may be a motivator to go forward, but when you do your best in order to win or beat the others, you can’t escape from this third dimensional reality.

In your journey towards the higher way of living, winning doesn’t mean a thing.

You are a multidimensional being and being stuck only in this third dimensional reality can be like a prison for you.

See the bigger picture and let go of competition. Realize that either we are all already winners, or no one really is. So just have fun.

3. Release yourself from the desire to be always right.

We all see things differently. What’s right for you may not be right for others who are seeing things from another perspective.

Proving to be right is not necessary. This doesn’t mean you have to stay passive.

It just means you put more focus on keeping your vibration up by walking away from lower vibrational situations. Besides, you always have the opportunity to stand up for your truth by example.

4. Release yourself from superiority thinking.

Because we all come from one Source, we are all created equal despite our unique strengths and weaknesses.

Others may be more enlightened while there are some who take different paths. Yet, all these paths converge to one in the end.

Our idea of superiority may be confused with the amount of knowledge or experience accumulated over time.

But then, the love that you get from the Creator is the same love that others also get because no one is either above or below the other.

5. Release yourself from the desire of wanting more.

Wanting for more and more material things is driven by the ego. Material things can’t fill the hole within you.

There’s nothing wrong with acquiring the things that you need as long as you’re not emotionally attached to them.

But if you spend more of your time chasing things that only bring clutter into your spiritual and physical surroundings, with intent to fill the hole inside you, you will lose the balance needed in expanding yourself.

The hole you are trying to fill cannot be filled. So start seeing it differently. Remember that a hole means there is something in the other side. And if it can’t be filled it means it’s infinite.

So instead of looking at it as a hole you can’t fill, look at it as a place your infinite potential comes from.

6. Release yourself from identifying with your achievements.

Your title does not have all the answers your soul is looking for. It will not convince you that you are enough to be who you want to be.

On the other hand, the ascension process doesn’t require a college degree, job title, social status, or award.

You are already enough and you don’t need anything nor anyone to give you permission to be yourself. So just start being yourself.

7. Release the need to earn a good reputation.

On your path to awakening and feeling happy, a good reputation is not needed. The opinions of others don’t even matter.

If you’re obsessed with how others see you, you’re likely to put up a false image of yourself which you will constantly bend depending on other people’s tastes and preferences. You’ll be unable to do what you really want to do if it’s not ok with other people’s tastes.

Being your true, authentic self is the only way to love yourself and love others as well. The moment you let yourself be yourself is the moment you will transcend your ego.

How to know if the ego is healthy?

While taming the ego is important, it must not be totally tossed aside. We need a certain amount of ego on a daily basis.

It’s the ego that tells us what hairstyle looks good on us. The ego helps us look our best when we go to a party and socialize.

Even great spiritual people need the ego to boost their self confidence needed to talk in front of thousands of people and actually touch their hearts and attention.

In short, we need the ego to keep our physical being functioning efficiently and effectively.

Part of knowing ourselves is the ability to acknowledge the lower and higher aspects of ourselves. The ego helps us to uncover the energies that need healing, it shows us what we are not.

Despite its reputation, the ego is an important tool in the awakening process and holistic integration. However, that’s what it is, a tool, it’s the real you.

The identity you have created for yourself is not the real you, it’s just one of the characters you have created to play. And when this character holds your true self back, then it’s time to transcend your ego and create a new version, or just improve and update the one you are playing.

As long as we’re able to forgive ourselves, love and accept ourselves without judgment, the ego will recognize our higher self and will allow it to take control so it can be improved.

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