10 Ways A Person With A Big Heart But Sarcastic Mind Loves Differently Than Others


Dating someone who has a big heart hidden behind a sassy attitude can make you feel like you’re in a relationship with one of the most complex creatures on the planet. In other words, they can be really difficult to understand. And when it comes to love, they do some things a little differently than others.

10 Ways A Person With A Big Heart But Sarcastic Mind Loves Differently:10-ways-person-with-big-heart-sarcastic-mind-loves-differently

1. They have no filter.

They will say the things they think no matter how rude or inappropriate it may seem. Their mind is sarcastic and their heart is kind so they assume everyone would be as forgiving and in any situation. They do not say those things to provoke or hurt anyone, it’s just how they think.

2. They will often avoid being vulnerable.

Having a big heart comes with the ability to not only love to the fullest extent, but also hurt to the fullest extent. So, be good to them. And when they pretend to be tough just to avoid being vulnerable know that they are protecting themselves because they love so much.

3. Opening up is hard for them.

While the physical parts of being in a relationship come naturally, they have difficulty with the more emotional, vulnerable parts. Their sarcastic mind can’t generate the proper words without telling them how cheesy they seem. Be patient. At times, they may seem indifferent but that’s just putting up a front.

4. Underneath their hard exterior, they are mush.

Even though they projects an image of arrogance, they are actually made up of something surprisingly soft. Their outward appearance do not represent their true character. That’s how they filter out the people who are strong and courageous enough to connect with them. It’s because they are tired to love so intensely people who do not deserve their affection.

5. They are the best listeners.

People with big hearts and sarcastic minds love lending a listening ear. They can listen to your problems and give you a loving advice all while making you laugh with sarcastic comments and feel better. And they will enjoy in the process of helping you.

6. They have a great sense of humor.

Their sense of humor is an important part of who they are. They will make crude jokes and boast a raw sense of humor, and they will win everyone over because of it.

7. They really appreciate the little things you do.

Even though they might make fun of you for being a little cheesy, they’ll appreciate small, romantic gestures, more than you can imagine. A surprising romantic night, breakfast in bed, or coming to their work and kissing them in front of everyone is real love for them.

8. Secretly, they are a hopeless romantic.

The depth of their heart is never ending, so they have tons of love to give. However, their sarcastic mind will not let anyone even suspect this side of theirs, so it’s hard to see it.

9. They might find hard to say “I love you” first.

No matter how much they feel it, they will not let themselves risk saying it first and ruining it. They are scared of being hurt. Try to say it first and once you make them feel safe, they’ll say it.

10. They are equal parts of ruthless and sensitive.

They will sometimes seem like they do not care about a thing in the world. However, deep down, though, they are just as delicate as anyone.

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