3 Ancient Rituals That Can Shower Your Spirit With Positivity


Most people renew the commitments they have for themselves in the beginning of the year, others during their birthday. While cleaning your slate in a specified time is good, having it cleaned on a regular basis works best too.

Your spirit needs regular cleansing and renewal to face every day with a positivity that is more aligned with your happiness and attract the good things that you deserved.

Different cultures have their own varying traditions for the renewal of life as well as the spirit.

Whatever your faith is you may try the following rituals from the ancient traditions to boost your happiness and shape your life and spirit the way you want it to be.

3 Ancient Rituals That Bring Positivity To Your Spirit:Ancient Rituals Shower Your Spirit With Positivity

1. Make a household shrine.

The purpose of a household shrine is to make you feel good every time you enter your abode. It’s something that reminds you of comfort, joy, safety, and well-being.

You have all the freedom as to how you prefer to design your shrine. Items that are commonly used are family souvenirs, your most cherished items, or gifts from your loved ones.

Flowers and plants are great additions too.

2. Honor your ancestors.

In ancient times, family history is considered sacred. The ancestors played a big role in shaping a child’s identity while growing up.

The ancestors role in anyone’s life might not be that significant these days, but giving them honor and credit for what you’ve become is a good idea.

Look back at your lineage and find out how your ancestors lived, what are their roles, and how they contributed to the person that you are today.

By knowing your family history, you’re revitalizing the type of spirit that has been present from your great, great grandparents.

3. Set a night for stargazing.

Stargazing is a powerful ritual that can connect you to the incredible majesty of the universe.

Watching the stars gives you a feeling of being connected to something as enormous as the unlimited universe. No matter how small you are in the grand scheme of the universe, you feel that your whole being is part of it.

The starts are more visible on a dark night. Sit outside with a flask of tea, wine, or hot chocolate. You could play your favorite song in the background while giving reverence for life.

Stargazing with a loved one, friend, or child is a best experience too.

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