5 Symptoms You Will Experience When Your Pineal Gland Fully Activates


The Pineal Gland, which lies near the hypothalamus, is considered as the third eye. It controls the vital functions of the body and soul.

Spiritualists regarded the Pineal Gland as a tool for attaining a higher self, a collective conscious that links to the whole, and a pathway to the Akashic records. Its activation is said to open our eyes to the reality.

The Pineal Gland is even said to regulate our intelligence, psychic tendencies, clairsentience, mental resilience, higher self, spiritual knowledge, and energy to name a few. It holds information and higher understanding.

5 Symptoms of Fully Activated Pineal Gland:Symptoms You Experience When Pineal Gland Fully Activates

1. Your intuition is enhanced.

Before activation, you may receive weak signals from your gut. But once you managed to activate your Pineal Gland, your intuition is enhanced.

Your body cooperates with your soul as your third eye is opening. You will then have the ability to anticipate fear or intuit the future with precision.

Your wild hunches can be trusted now.

2. Your mental capacities broaden.

You will notice the expansion of your mental capacities. You are more focused and able to concentrate more.

The things that obscure your mind start to disappear. You are more in tuned with your feelings and emotions, achieving clarity on the things you want.

And you are no longer a slave to your emotions and old beliefs.

3. You develop psychic abilities and mediumship.

You start hearing the voices of spirits and even see their forms. You communicate with them, acting as a medium.

A realization will dawn on you that you have known this ability before. As the clandestine powers of clairsentience slowly manifests, you feel capable of doing things you have never done before.

You see things through a higher perspective and free yourself from the grips of materialism. Your purpose becomes clear to you and you no longer want to have a career that is bereft of meaning.

You will even feel the urge of quitting your job as your Pineal Gland opens up. Switching careers is an option you want to consider.

4. You perceive things more deeply.

You feel things more deeply as if everything comes alive. The air that you breathe seems to caress and communicate with you.

As your Pineal Gland activates, you add more frequencies to your spirit and you synchronize more with nature. You become aware that everything is energy and see this energy swirling around you while making the universe tick.

Because of this, a collective consciousness develops within you. You will receive a mental insight that enables you to communicate with everyone and everything.

5. Your eating habits change dramatically.

You will begin to notice how your eating patterns change and how conscious you have become of the food that you eat.

You no longer allow yourself to consume that which can make you unhealthy. Instead, you crave for those that enhance the health of your body and mind.

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