5 Common Thoughts That Can Ruin Your Day And How To Conquer Each


Thoughts come and go in your mind. While others go naturally, some are likely to stay and influence how your day turns out.

Most often, these thoughts are associated with the things that need your immediate attention. These are the things that usually require healing and transcendence.

It’s of great significance that you should be aware of the kind of thoughts that beset your mind.

Some of the most common thoughts that can ruin your entire day are listed below.

Check out if you’re constantly thinking of them. If you do, strive to conquer each one so that you’ll become the person you want to be with each passing of day.

5 Common Thoughts That Can Ruin Your Day And How To Conquer Each:5 Common Thoughts That Can Ruin Your Day And How To Conquer Each

1. You wish you were in another place.

Wishing you were somewhere else is not the same as daydreaming. Daydreams are often the result of feeling happy in the present moment that you feel you’re in a place full of beauty and peace.

When you wish you were somewhere else, it could mean you’re not happy with your current place. You feel discontent and unhappy that you want to get out of that place.

The more you feel this way, the more the chances of getting out of there becomes smaller.

The negative feeling raises a negative vibration that the universe picks up. This feeling is what’s resonated back to you.

As you continue to think this way, you keep on ruining your day.

What to do about it:

Tell yourself that it’s not without reason why you’re in the place where you are right now. You’re there for a reason and a purpose.

Find this purpose because you’re exactly in the place where your supposed to be.

2. You compare your life with others.

The reason why you can’t see the beauty of your life is because you keep your focus in the lives of other people. You keep on checking what they have that you fail to acknowledge the same things in your life.

What to do about it:

Know that other people have their own journey that is as different as yours. They are born in different environments and circumstances, but the principles that govern your life are the same.

They also have their own problems that are unknown to you.

Learn to be grateful for your life and your journey. Focus on yourself and enhance the skills that you already have. Do more of the things that make you happy.

3. You dwell on the things that went wrong or could go wrong.

Focusing on the things that could go wrong will simply ruin your day. While you can’t control all the circumstances in your life, focusing on the negative side won’t help either.

The more you think of the things that could go wrong, the more they’re likely to happen.

What to do about it:

Think of all the things that could go right. But doing this isn’t easy since your mind has been conditioned to think the other way around.

Begin by remembering the things that went right. Then have faith that good things could happen again. Visualize the end result that you want and feel it as if it’s already happening.

4. You complain and blame others.

When something goes wrong, you always find someone to blame. Or when things don’t turn out on your favor, you keep on complaining. You complain about the weather, the traffic, or your neighbor’s noisy dog.

All your problems are caused by other people. And they simply ruin your day and happiness.

What to do about it:

Take responsibility for yourself and your life. When you do this, you’re getting back your power to change your situation.

It’s true that you can’t control everything. When something bugs you off, remove yourself from there. When you can’t, then change your attitude towards this thing.

Your life is not under the mercy of other people. Say to yourself that you’re in control over yourself and you have the ability to change your situation because you want to.

5. You feel sad for lacking the things you see in others.

Let’s say your neighbor just bought a new car and you feel sorry for yourself because you feel you can’t have one.

Or, your best friend announced that she and her boyfriend are already engage. You feel a tinge of envy for not having met the right person who could love you for life.

What to do about it:

If you see these kind of thoughts occurring throughout your day, it only means you have a scarce mentality. You keep on attracting lack into your life because it’s what you feel every single day.

To shift into abundance mentality, start by practicing gratitude.

Think of all the things that you have, no matter how simple they could be. Be thankful for them after you wake up in the morning and before you retire at night.

Be happy for the success of others and know that better things are coming on your way too. Do this every day and notice that good things will slowly unfold in your life.

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