7 Powerful Celestial Events Will Shower Us With Cosmic Energies in The Beginning of 2018


The first month of the year brings brand new beginnings that are favorable for all of us. The mechanism of the Cosmos formed cosmic energies in ways that bring the best opportunities for all of us.

There will be 7 powerful celestial events right at the beginning of 2018 and these events will shower us with cosmic energies that will help us to awaken and grow significantly.

7 Powerful Celestial Events in The Beginning of 20187 Powerful Celestial Events Will Shower Us With Cosmic Energies in The Beginning of 2018

1. The Super moon stationing in Cancer.

As the New Year begins, the Super moon is stationed in Cancer, which is in its closest proximity to the Earth.

What it brings:

– Emotions and feelings will be more intense than they used to be as Super moons have already a strong effect both on the emotional and geophysical tides.

– With the influence of Cancer, the past will affect the aspects of the heart, professional life, and finances.

2. Neptune and Mars forming in a triune with the moon.

When the days move on, Neptune and Mars will move in a triune with the moon.

What it brings:

– This indicates creative solutions to previous problems without causing further damage.

– The last days of the first week are the best times to achieve your goals.

– Try to keep your energies at higher levels and focus on the work you set out to do.

3. Venus moving in conjunction with the sun.

On 8th January, the planet Venus, which is stationed in Capricorn, will start to move in conjunction with the sun continuing a combination that lasts for 18 months and began on March 25, 2017.

What it brings:

– It’s the most favorable time to implement your ideas and grab every opportunity at hand.

– Both the personal and the collective level will benefit from this change.

– Important issues that have been broiling for quite a time now will all be addressed.

– Human beings will continue to evolve as everyone is more receptive to learning.

– Governmental bodies might also face a bit of action at this time.

4. Mercury forming in a triune with Saturn.

After 10th January, the planet Mercury will form a triune with Saturn.

What it brings:

– Both planets work together in stabilizing ideas and giving a concrete form to plans.

– Cooperation and collaboration among people will increase.

– There’s growth of insights, creativity, and inspiration.

5. New moon in conjunction with Venus.

By the middle of the month, the New moon will conjunct with Venus.

What it brings:

– It’s a perfect time for new beginnings and energized starts.

– It’s also the best time to keep going straight ahead.

6. Mars entering into Sagittarius.

On 26th January, Mars will enter into Sagittarius.

What it brings:

– Intuition will take over, but you need to keep your instincts in check when solid facts aren’t present because it could be a mixed blessing.

7. Super moon taking a total lunar eclipse.

On 31st January, the Super moon will make for a total full moon eclipse.

What it brings:

– Affected greatly by this phenomenon are those born near this date.

– This is the best moment to set new benchmarks.

As what we have been accustomed to, January is where we initiate new plans and begin our progress.

With the help of the stars, we have the best opportunity to take action and grow on all the areas that we want to grow.

Use the supercharged energies the first month of this year is giving to all of us!

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