5 Ways of Healing Every Empath Should Know at Any Time


Empaths are known to absorb and emit energy vibrations around them more than others.

Because most energies they picked up are negative ones, their empathic abilities are oftentimes a burden.

They feel anxious, confused or even drained when talking to someone or attending social gatherings.

Some have shielded themselves from these vibrations, while others don’t know how to manage their empathic abilities in a healthy way.

But this is only the darker side of an empath. There is a brighter side where Empaths can enhance their gifts through their healing abilities.

5 Ways of Healing Every Empath Should KnowWays of Healing Every Empath Should Know

Here are the ways how Empaths can become healers:

1. Becoming confident.

A confident person is one who doesn’t allow themselves to shrink, but instead has the courage to be their true self whether in the presence of others or alone.

It is this kind of confidence Barbara Marciniak talked about when she said that the moment you start etching your vibration on the universe, you start emitting your own frequency rather than receiving, and then, you start changing everything.

As an empath, believe in yourself. The power of change is in your hands. Use it to your advantage.

2. Letting go of insecurity.

Insecurity is a lower vibration that prevents Empaths from becoming healers. It’s an obstacle every Empath should overcome. Once they do, they start accumulating their energy and using it for personal and interpersonal healing.

One way to beat this is to stop pleasing everybody just to make them like you. Not all people have the inkling to reciprocate your energy, especially those who are loaded with negative energies. They just want to suck and absorb in order to fill their personal void.

Do good but never expect others to like you for this. You are good as you are and don’t need the acceptance of others to make you feel good about yourself. You are strong enough to deal with everything. So, there’s no need to depend on others.

3. Choosing to be an optimist.

Insecure Empaths tend to get dragged into the negative emotions of others. Perhaps, they only want to ease the burdens of others by feeling their pain, but get drowned in the process.

To become a healer, Empaths should stop absorbing the pain. It means you have to acknowledge the presence of pain but look for alternatives to make the situation better. Do not let it become a part of you, but acknowledge it so your light can touch it and heal it.

Look for the positive side and enhance it. This way, you not only feel good but help the other person heal.

4. Helping others find their positive side.

Showing others the way to love themselves can be achieved by inspiring them through the actions produced of your own self love.

This is one way of healing them without spending energy on them.

You can point out their positive qualities, strengths, and talents. When they feel good about themselves, they will radiate a positive energy and spread it all around them.

5. Staying calm.

When faced with a stressful situation, try not to lose your nerves. Refrain from freaking out when someone puts you in a zone of tension.

By remaining calm, you control the situation and you prevent yourself from creating further negative vibrations. You always have to put in mind that you are a healer and that things would turn out okay.

You are a source of healing and light and if you remain with yourself, negativity will either pass or transmute through your light. A ship can sail across the sea but it only sinks when it lets water get inside of it.

You Don’t Have to Do All at Once!

When you incorporate into your daily practice all these tips, you will find out that becoming a healer is not that difficult. In fact, it’s inside each empath’s nature.

Do it one step at a time and soon you’ll see how amazing this healing path is.

Source: The Minds Journal;