3 Overlooked Moments When You Receive Cosmic Guidance Daily…


We are always connected to the same field of consciousness. The matter only lies on our awareness or unawareness in a given moment. The level of perception differs.

At times, a-ha moments happen spontaneously. At other times divine guidance led us to synchronicity, information or divine timing.

This connection gives us a universal flow of energy that we want to keep 24/7. But there are just days when this connection is so hard to establish, much more perceive.

With dreams and meditation the connection to this divine cosmic guidance is easier to find because of our increased and heightened awareness. We know these states can induce inner guidance.

But there are moments when we receive cosmic guidance that happen every day of our lives only that most people are unaware when it happens and overlook them.

3 Overlooked Moments When You Receive Cosmic Guidance Daily:3 Overlooked Moments Cosmic Guidance

1. While Having a Run

With exercises like walking, running or yoga, you know you are preparing yourself for a meditative experience. Especially when surrounded with Nature.

However, running has something special. It pushes you just enough so it feels like an exercise so your mind can be present, but not as hard so your mind won’t be able to think.

Another factor in running is that you are alone with yourself and your thoughts until you run.

When you do an exercise alone, you have a higher chance of having a meditative experience that will ultimately lead you to a cosmic guidance.

The sound of your breath, the chirping of the birds, the trees, the feel of the wind or the sound of your feet that routinely touch the pavement, are all triggers to put you in an active meditation.

The act itself of breathing and putting one leg after another in a certain tempo is a repetitive process that helps your mind to go into an autopilot mode.

In such state you are connected with the depths of your self, with your inner guidance and the cosmic intelligence around you.

You are moving, in flow and stimulated enough to think. You are fully present and connected with the higher levels of your being. From this state of awareness, it’s really easy to receive cosmic guidance and intuitive wisdom.

2. While Taking a Shower

Taking a shower is about cleaning our bodies, we all know that. But the psychological aspect of this act makes this moment much more than just about cleaning our bodies.

It’s that time of our day when we step away from the chatter of the outside world and go into our quiet, safe and purifying place.

It’s like entering a special chamber where we quiet our mind and focus on our body with the ritual of caring and cleansing.

In our subjective experience, showering exists beyond space and time, in some different state of existence unaffected by the outside world. In such state our mind is able to just flow, without being filtered by the voice inside our heads.

This is why we ponder such philosophical questions while we shower, or have a sudden burst of creativity and pop up with a mindboggling idea. It’s because we do not have a filter. It’s a kind of a meditative experience where our thoughts just flow.

As we go deeper into the meditative experience, we are connected with the psychosphere of our intuitive guidance, to the collective unconscious and the cosmic intelligence all around us. In such state it’s really easy to receive their messages and wisdom.

3. While Preparing a Meal

When you are in a familiar territory, your mind tends to go on autopilot. Mix this with a well known task, like preparing a meal you’ve already made a couple of times before, and you have simulated an active meditation for yourself without even realizing.

Most people don’t realize the beauty of this moment of preparing a meal. It’s a rare mix of elements that make you feel present to the moment, put your mind on autopilot and give you a sense of satisfaction as you are doing something that will fill you up with energy.

For your mind, this means securing your survival. It signals your brain that everything is alright, that you have acquired food and you will give energy to your organism soon.

This moment is most often a strong inducer of a flow state. It’s just you and the ingredients. You can play a meditative music or simply enjoy the quietness of the moment.

This way, you’re giving yourself a time-out from mental, physical, and energetic clutter and align yourself with source energy.

From that place, we can easily connect to the higher intuitive guidance and receive its messages just by remaining in that state. Well, at least for as long as we prepare our meal.