Horoscope October 2017: Here is What October is Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign


With the previous month being all about new beginnings and starting to do what you really desire, this month is all about integrating those changes in the aspects of your life and making harmony between them.

It’s a month where you need to make important decisions for the quality of your life.

If you want to know more, here is what zodiac experts from Gostica say this month is expected to bring for each zodiac sign:

What October is Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign:What October is Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign

Aries – Confrontation Month

During this month you will be more aware of your attitude within a relationship that often negatively affects the behavior of the person facing you (whether it is a lover, a business partner, a colleague, or a friend); their way of responding and confronting you is the echo of your behavior, the mirror that only reflects your own image.

Therefore, the solution is in your hand and, if you want a better relationship, you have to leverage your attitude.

For those who are engaged and /or have not yet formalized their marriage, a proposal might be on the way.

Taurus – Desire to Improve

As we have already pointed out, this year you must pay particular attention to the health sector.

Especially in this month you will make important decisions that affect every aspect of your lifestyle and you will decide to change them definitively.

You could stop smoking if you are exhausted smokers, become vegetarians because you know that nutrition is medicine that improves health, or you will simply do more physical activity.

The important thing for you is to be fine! you realize that the only value that can’t be purchased is that of health!

However, health will be a result of a re-established joy of living, the epilogue of your personal quest for happiness.

Gemini – Wanting to Leave Again

To stand still for too long almost kills you psychologically and this could affect your health.

Whether it is a physical or intellectual stop, professional or sentimental, the lack of “movement” leads to restlessness and nervousness.

However, if you accept this state of affairs and make the best use of the time ahead, this is a necessary condition to allow you to stabilize yourself, to find your inner centering that will give you a better future.

Meanwhile, enjoy the place you are at right know.

Cancer – Desire for Tenderness and Holidays

All these months spent struggling, imposing, overcoming obstacles and solving problems, have made you want to rediscover the affective values, awakening within you the desire to love and be loved.

Jupiter leaves Libra and eventually stops being hostile.

Now you can relax and enjoy the pleasures of life and achievements.

Take a vacation with your loved ones or with your best friend or lover. You deserve it!

Leo – Give Yourself More Value

The strong self-esteem gained in recent months and the resulting freedom that leads to it also brings you more economic value.

It is a period when the financial sector goes to swollen sails, as a result of a rediscovered sense of value for money and wealth in general.

Spend for what is really needed, giving you also pleasant moments.

However, you will have a new way of approaching your money, eliminating everything you find superfluous.

You will also understand that life takes the value you give it. The return, even economic, is a consequence.

Virgo – Determination and Courage

October could manifest itself as the month of major decisions.

Mars will still be in your sign up to 23rd of October, and along with Jupiter that by 10th passes in a positive aspect, will allow you to use personal resources that until some time ago you had never considered.

You will therefore have the ability to achieve excellent results in all of the areas of your life, not least in the affective sector when the energy of love will embrace you tightly, warming your big heart.

Libra – Restart

The 10th of this month Jupiter leaves your sign. The work of Jupiter this year has been very important since it has given you more clarity in the decisions that had to be taken.

If you have not yet made some decision, it is only a matter of time because with Mars entering your sign at 23rd, you will find the strength and ability to do so.

The important thing is that you have come out of this period, and have a much better inner clarity.

Start from here, from what you have taught: in order to be valuable to the others, you have to love yourself first.

Scorpio – A New Beginning

This is a very important month because it marks the entrance of Jupiter in your sign. It is returning after a long 12 years of absence and will now give you protection, luck and success.

The energy that Jupiter will bring to you, will be very useful in decisions that you will be asked to take from now on. When this planet moves into a sign, every decision taken during this period, is the right decision.

The path you have been walking on all these years is now being confirmed and for a whole year you will have the opportunity to achieve great personal accomplishment.

Sagittarius – Detaching

Mars still in Virgo, is in quadrature position, requiring attention in managing your life.

There are some situations you have to cut out and others to consolidate. By joining Jupiter in Scorpio, you will experience a period of evaluation and the end of a cycle of your life.

During the month you will perceive the need to focus on new projects leaving behind all those situations that don’t belong to you anymore and that have only caused you trouble.

You are also in the last months of Saturn transit on your sun and the transformations you have faced are now stabilized.

Capricorn – Understanding

Finally, the Jupiter quadrature that for a year has created difficult situations which have forced you to change your attitudes towards life, is over.

Now as it jumps in Scorpio’s sun, you will be able to see the situations you have faced under another light, enabling you to understand the importance of some passed failures.

If you are good at accepting your lessons, this might become a great time to start over new.

Aquarius – Reborn

It is still the relational sector that needs attention. Understanding the Importance of Living Well Every Form of Relationship is the Key to Living Good Life.

You will be called to a metamorphosis, a transformation, a rebirth that Jupiter’s entrance into Scorpio, will ask you to face assuming the responsibility of your life and that of others.

You can’t be strangers or just participants in this world, the skies want you to be protagonists.

Pisces – A New Road

Mars opposing your sign, makes you more sensitive and aware of the reality around you, making you realize what you can’t tolerate and consequently what you like, by following the directions of your heart.

The Jupiter’s entrance to Scorpio will start asking you to change your point of view and this new attitude will allow you to take a new road.

Someone might decide to change career, others start a new relationship or collaboration.

However, it is important to not stay in the old energy, but to dive into the unknown without fear.

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