5 Qualities Every Old Soul Has That Make Their Life A Lot More Complicated…


The most understanding people of all time are the old souls. They go through life taking with them their experiences and things they endured through their many lifetimes, always  carrying the lessons and messages.

They have profound insights that they gained through the lifetimes, making them see the world as it is, from all its angles. It’s easier for them to demonstrate gratefulness than to preach it.

Old souls have a knack of expressing things which others are often scared to admit. But, they’re able to make it easier for others through their wisdom and understanding.

Here are the top 5 qualities of old souls:5 Qualities Every Old Soul

1. They have few select close friends.

Old souls have a hard time being friends with everyone around. They have difficulty finding people who share common ideas and interests with them.

They create friendships with a handful select of people who have made a great impact on their life. They’d rather spend time and energy on people who understand their complex ideas and intense demeanor. It’s not something personal. They just don’t want to make others feel insignificant.

2. They are critical thinkers.

Old souls are great at critical thinking. They constantly process every single bit of information gained throughout the day. They never stop processing emotions and experiences. Their mind is always full, no matter what.

They have a deep yearning for knowledge. They relentlessly seek answers to every question formed. They almost seem like they are addicted to learning. And because they constantly process every single bit of information, they are often overwhelmed by their thinking.

3. They forge their own path.

Old souls specifically know what makes them happy. They do everything in their capacity to get what it is they truly want. Thus, they don’t follow a specific trend in order to function in a society or fit in.

They forge the path that is explicitly designed for them but no one else has walked. It’s a risk they have to do to find what they’re looking for. Others find inspiration in what they do and in what it means to have control of one’s life.

4. They can find intuitive answer to almost every question.

For old souls, there’s always something to learn every day. Learning is a part of who they are. Knowledge is the power they love to bring wherever they go.

There’s no information at hand they never utilize. And to share the wisdom they gained with others is a treasured opportunity. But because they can’t leave a question unanswered, they can sometimes spend too much energy in doing so.

5. They are adaptable to new places.

They easily adapt to new places without trouble because they always know who they really are. But, they sometimes feel as an outcast from everyone else. Though they are easy to get along with, most of them are hard to make a connection with.

It’s also hard for them to carry conversations with others who don’t share their mental capacity. When tired and bored in a situation, they easily seek a resolution. In traveling or learning something new, they’re the best company to have around with.

Do you know someone who fits the qualities of an old soul? How do you find them? Did you maybe find yourself among these traits? Feel free to share your opinion!