7 Easy Ways To Quickly Get Your Energy Back When You Are Feeling Tired


You are going through your day and suddenly you feel an energy drop. That’s usually around 3PM when our body needs a rest, a nap, a snack, or some other form of recharge.

We all have these moments.

Our bodies are not used to the modern hectic lifestyle, they need a proper care in order to maintain high energy.

But not always you can take a nap at 3PM, and most of the snacks accessible to you are not a very healthy choice.

So here is what you can do!

Here are 7 easy and healthy ways to quickly get your energy back when you start feeling tired in the middle of the day:

1. Eat energy boosting snacks.Energy Boosting Snacks

Almonds and Peanuts have complex carbohydrates that give you steadier energy boost without the sugar spike crash that simple carbohydrates cause.

2. Do a 15 min exercise.Exercise

A 15 min exercise can release endorphins in your body that will leave you feeling uplifted and energized.

3. Eat broccoli and asparagus.Vitamin B

Broccoli and Asparagus contain B vitamins that create enzymes necessary in the energy production process.

4. Drink a glass of fresh water.Drink-Water

When you are dehydrated your heart sends oxygen and nutrients at a much slower rate leaving you fatigued. Having even 1 glass of water when you are feeling tired can rejuvenate your body leaving you feeling refreshed.

5. Breathe a fresh air.Fresh Air

Research has shown that spending time in nature and having a fresh air increases energy in 90% of people.

6. Take a cold shower.Cold-Shower

A quick cold shower will give you the abrupt jolt you need leaving you charged with energy.

7. Meditate.Meditate

Having a quick 5 minute mindful meditation will silence the chatter of your mind, boost your mental energy and leave you with a sense of fresh clarity.