14 Signs You Are Highly Perceptive To The Subtle Energies Around You…


Science recently proved something that mystics have known for centuries, the reality we are able to perceive is only a tiny piece of what is out there.

Matter and the physical world, everything ever observed and touched, adds up to less than 5% of The Universe according to science. So we are literally blind, with our 5 basic senses, to more than 95% of all there is!

Mystics have known this fact through their intuitive knowledge for centuries. They are aware that there are subtle energies, all around us, that have a significant impact.

Why do some people perceive these subtle energies?Highly Perceptive To Subtle Energies Around You...

Humans started looking at the world through a more scientific spectrum negating everything that cannot be observed or proved by it, even though most that can be observed and proved by science is less than 5% from all there is.

But reality is much bigger and much different from what we can observe!

Animals live by trusting their natural sense of these energies. Most living beings are born with the ability to sense these subtle energies.

We have senses for these subtle energies, however, most of us never learned how to use and trust them.

Some people are born with these ‘mystic’ senses being highly active. But because other people around them have atrophied their natural sense for subtle energies, these people think there is something wrong with them being affected by things they “cannot” perceive.

If you experience any of these 14 things than you have a highly active ‘mystic’ sense.

14 signs you are highly perceptive to subtle energies around you:Signs You Are Highly Perceptive To Subtle Energies Around You

1. You do not open up to many people, and it’s hard for you to truly trust others.

2. There are moments when, all of a sudden, you lose your positive energy and you feel tired while interacting with others.

3. You overthink things.

4. You crave intimacy with others, but you rarely allow yourself to get close with someone.

5. You can sense the energy in a room and feel if something bad happened, or if the people are having happy emotions, even if you are blind. You often know things you have no proof of.

6. You are highly anxious but you’ve learned how to keep that anxiety under control.

7. Whenever you are walking in Nature you feel most safe and at home.

8. You experience Deja Vu more often than others.

9. You have a natural talent for psychology and understanding psychological concepts.

10. There were many times when you sense that there is something not right about someone and most of the time your sense turned out to be right.

11. You are often there for others at the right time without even consciously knowing that they need your help.

12. You always find patterns between things people don’t usually make connection of and you look at things on a more energetic level.

13. You have naturally high frequency, you tend to spread positivity and instinctively avoid energy vampires.

14. You recharge on sunshine, wind, looking at a deep scenery of mountains, lying on the beach, and swimming or dipping in big, natural bodies of water.

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