14 Signs You Are Neither Extrovert Nor Introvert, You Are An Ambivert


I’m sure you’ve been asked many times whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert.

For some people it’s an easy choice, but for most of us it’s difficult to choose one way or the other.

We don’t quite fit in either of them, or we kind of fit in each of them equally. It’s like we belong somewhere in the middle, or in both at the same time.

Well, there is a category that not many people know of and it perfectly describes all of us who have both introverted and extroverted tendencies.

These people are called Ambiverts.

This is the main difference between Introverts, Extroverts and Ambiverts!The Introverts, Ambiverts, And Extroverts

How social you are is largely driven by the dopamine production of your brain. We all have different levels of dopamine stimulation in the neocortex.

Those people who have naturally high levels of stimulation tend to be introverts because extra dopamine might make them feel anxious or overwhelmed.

Their subconscious tries to avoid any extra social stimulation by creating an introverted personality that keeps them away from such situations.

Those people with naturally low levels of stimulation tend to be extroverts because under-stimulation makes them bored and depressed, so they seek extra social stimulation to feel good.

Their subconscious tries to give them as much extra social stimulation by creating an extroverted personality that gets dopamine rewards by interacting with others.

However, majority of people don’t have dopamine stimulation that reaches these 2 extremes. Their stimulation is more fluid and fluctuates.

Sometimes they might need the extra stimulation, sometimes they might try to avoid it. Those people who have naturally more fluctuating stimulation are Ambiverts!

According to professor Adam Grant’s research, 2 thirds of the population in the world belongs to this category. But because they are not aware that it even exists, they lock themselves inside one of the two extremes depending on their mood while making the self analysis.

Are you an Ambivert?14 Signs You Are An Ambivert

Personality is a structure of triggers and behaviors that we establish since we are very young.

It’s important to know what type of personality you have so you can play on your strength and be smart about your weaknesses.

If you experience any of these 14 things, you are an Ambivert:

1. You can easily lose yourself in your own thoughts, but as easily you can lose yourself in a passionate conversation with others.

2. For some people you are anti social and quiet, while others think of you as highly social and outgoing.

3. When it comes to trusting other people, sometimes you are extremely skeptical, while other times you dive right in.

4. Your energy isn’t drained when you’re alone, nor do you feel exhausted after lots of socialization (or maybe you tend to be drained by both equally).

5. Your friends have a hard time classifying you as an introvert or an extrovert.

6. You feel emotionally in control no matter if you are in the middle of a concert or a yoga session.

7. You are completely fine conversing and sharing your personal points of view with new people you’ve just met.

8. Others find strange comfort sharing intimate things with you.

9. Sometimes you are shy and don’t talk much, while other times you are confident and feel completely comfortable being the leader of a conversation for some reason, and because of this you mistakenly classify yourself as introvert or extrovert.

10. Your mood can drastically change from feeling excited and outgoing to feeling tired and wanting to stay at home, and vice versa.

11. You can relate and adapt to almost all groups of people.

12. Relationships can be difficult for you because sometimes all you want to do is hang out while other times you just want to be by yourself, this creates confusion and doubt in your partner’s mind as whether you like them or not.

13. You offer a unique personality of playfulness and depth to the people you are close with.

14. You can have just as much fun with yourself as when you are partying with others.

Ambiverts have a distinct advantage over true introverts and extroverts. Because their personality doesn’t lean too heavily in either direction, they have a much easier time adjusting their approach to people based on the situation. This enables them to connect more easily, and more deeply, with a wider variety of people.

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