If Your Loved One Is Struggling With Anxiety Expect These 12 Things From Them…


Anxiety can be found in some of the best people on this planet.

People who struggle with anxiety are usually the good ones, the sensitives, the empaths, the creative types, the achievers, people who care just a ‘little’ bit too much about the world.

Why does Anxiety show up so much in these people?

Anxiety is an alarm, an emotional alert reminding that you need to give attention to yourself, that there is a personal question pending to be answered.

But if you are one of the types of people mentioned above, you have countless questions all the time. You care about too many things!

You are overloaded with emotional information from the world, from yourself, from the people you care about, but you are not changing your pace because there are things you need to do, and this creates that distance inside yourself that’s filled with anxiety.

What to do if your loved one suffers from Anxiety?Loved One Struggling With Anxiety

People with anxiety need a space for themselves, that’s why they can act cold sometimes. But they don’t do this to hurt anyone, they just need to sort things out and recharge.

The last thing they need is to feel like their anxiety destroyed a relationship or hurt someone. They need all the support they can get.

So if your loved one suffers from anxiety, please give them your support and understanding by expecting these 12 things from them:

1. Expect firm boundaries.

Sometimes anxious people – and especially anxious introverts – simply need to be alone. They need to have space all for themselves where they can cool down their emotional being and recharge.

2. Expect their bonds to run deep and grow quickly.

Anxious people often love deeply and intensely, and this can scare some people off.

3. Expect to be the one responsible for making plans.

Anxious people are not good at managing too many choices because they focus on too much details overanalyzing every option and this can really stress them out. All they want is to make the best choice from the given options.

4. Expect to learn to listen, rather than give advice.

People who are anxious pile up a lot of energy in their sacral chakra responsible for feelings. This chakra is tightly connected with the throat chakra responsible for expression. So when anxious people start to talk about their day, they usually do it more for the expression and filtering out the piled up emotions rather than to get advice. Just let them express their emotions.

5. Expect to give reassurance more than you’d like to.

Anxious people struggle to feel secure. Because they focus on too many details, they question their safety all the time and they need to be reminded of it. Tell them they’re safe. Tell them they’re loved. Tell them it’ll all be okay.

6. Expect to be powerless against their anxiety.

Don’t try to fight their anxiety, learn to see that it’s not their enemy. Anxiety is an outcome of their sensitive and over emotional nature, it’s what makes them one of the best human beings you’ll meet on this planet. Embrace their anxiety and encourage them to embrace it themselves. Let it flow naturally and it won’t be so intense. Fighting anxiety creates more anxiety.

7. Expect to communicate honestly.

Honesty is something an anxious person values A LOT! Anxious people can sense dishonesty, it’s like their special ability. And if dishonesty comes from a person they love it can create additional anxiety and fill them up with countless questions that can drive them crazy. Honest conversations are like a breath of fresh air for anxious people.

8. Expect lots of lists and itineraries.

Preparation helps to soothe anxious people. Planning to the detail is promoting a sense of safety and security. Anxious people can help themselves feel less anxious by making detailed plans and lists of different options. This gives them a sense of control.

9. Expect to provide stability rather than drama.

The last thing an anxious person needs is drama. They need to have a strong and stable person next to them, someone who they trust and feel they can always lean on to. If their energy is chaotic they need someone who will give them a sense of calm and security.

10. Expect to encounter problems that you can’t solve for them.

Anxious people often see things differently than others, they look more into details. That’s why they can find problems that can’t be solved by you. Be ok with not being able to know all the answers. They’ll still love you.

11. Expect to encourage your partner to engage in self-care.

Anxiety can be so overwhelming sometimes that people might stop taking care of themselves. Be there for them to remind them why putting a little effort and having that quick run can be incredibly beneficial. Remind them why meditation is good, why exercise is good, why healthy food is good.

12. Expect to make your own self-care a priority.

People who are anxious and love you, care about you A LOT! They can’t stand the idea that something bad might happen to you. Don’t give them that additional anxiety. Ensure them that you can take care of yourself. It’s for your own good too!

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