The 10 Commandments For Happiness


Happiness is probably the most addicting emotional state, right next to love. The whole world is addicted to it.

There are countless products, programs, courses, books, drugs, services, entertainment… all existing because we WANT to be happy!

But what if I tell you that there are 10 simple commandments that, if you follow, you will be happier than trying 90% of all the products created to make you happy.

These are The 10 Commandments Of Happiness:10 Commandments Of Happiness

1 – Thou shalt eat food that will nourish your body, rather than food that will harm it.

2 – Thou shalt get enough sleep.

3 – Thou shalt take time out. From work, your chores, for yourself. Little and often. We all need to recharge.

4 – Thou shalt exercise to gain strength, flexibility and to keep your heart healthy. Don’t overdo it and don’t make excuses not to do it. Make sure you do exercise that’s fun.

5 – Thou shalt do at least one thing a day that makes you smile – from a nice bubble bath, reading a chapter of a good book, to having a night out.

6 – Thou shalt listen, listen, listen. Listening is the key to good communication. Listen to your kids, your partner, your family, your friends, your body and your heart.

7 – Thou shalt meditate.

8 – Thou shalt treat everyone with kindness, including yourself.

9 – Thou shalt believe in yourself and in others. Start telling yourself that you can do the things you want to.

10 – Thou shalt give thanks and be grateful. Always say ‘thank you’ and think of at least three things you’re grateful for at the end of the day, no matter how bad it’s been. This simple act keeps you grounded and happy.

The original list consists of 11 commandments that appear in ‘The Happy Woman: What You Can Learn from Kids, Dogs and Men.’