A Little Boy And A Little Girl Kissing And Laughing Is The Cutest Video You’ll Watch Today


Do you remember your first kiss? Of course you do! Our first kiss is a moment that rarely fades from memory. And as older we get as more we return to that memory.

It’s such exiting time, being shy and happy and scared, all at the same time. It’s one of the purest moments of our lives.

The first time we come in contact with another human being, the first time we touch lips and bridge our spirits to shake hands in intimacy.

This memory is one of the rare treasures of life and one of those moments that has a big influence over our character.

The first kiss is a kind of an ultimate approval of another person, an affirmation of Nature that we are loved and accepted as who we are.

No matter when it happens, it’s treasured and should be cherished because it’s a divine experience.

It’s an expression of love, a kind of love we all can give. It’s a form of spiritual unity and a kind of play.

Kids live within this state of love. They constantly share this love with the world. We all did, until we got hurt or told otherwise, so we stopped. That’s why we changed.

Kids live in this state of love and play all the time. The video you are about to see expresses exactly this state.

It perfectly depicts the spirit of a child. It’s loving, honest, friendly and playful. It’s vulnerable, yet stronger than most of our grown up spirits that live in a state of fear.

Here is a video of a little boy and girl acting as grown ups, and laughing at the act of kissing. Watch these two pure souls explore the beauty of life and connectedness.

This is the cutest video you’ll watch today: