The Superhuman Academy Proudly Introduces The Superhuman Store!


I know. The feeling that you are SO MUCH MORE, the honest childish belief that you can be a superhero; I know all about that feeling. I know because I felt it too.

I felt it for a while, until I decided to do something about it. So I studied. I studied psychology, biology, spirituality, philosophy, science… I studied EVERYTHING just so I can find an answer why I am feeling that we were meant to be SO MUCH MORE than we act to be.

But as much as I learned as more I was convinced that each and every single one of us holds an unimaginable potential deep inside. We were all meant to be SUPERHUMANS!

So I decided to find a way to unlock this potential inside myself. And then, I discovered how. So I created The Superhuman Academy!

The Superhuman Store followed afterwards.

Like every superhero you need Headquarters, a place where you can upgrade, test your skills and enhance your abilities. Like every hero in most games, The Superhuman Store serves as a main menu, an ingame store where you can upgrade. A place where you can add up to your Superhuman basis some awesome features and enhancements to help along your journey.


Our Mission:

We aim to help every individual who chooses to unlock their true potential to have the best adventure possible. To be protected and have fun along the journey. To discover new depths of the REAL SELF and develop their potential even further. To become the best version of their Superhuman Self they can. By using our upgrades we like to make sure The Superhumans enjoy their journey, with style!


The Superhuman Store is separated in 6 categories:

Armor: Here you can find physical upgrades. Wearables that protect you from the mundane world around. The Superhuman Armor enhances the superhuman essence of your character, it shows others what you stand for, it gives them glimpse of who you really are inside. And most of these products give a real protection against the elements of the world, helping you exercise, hike, or do whatever is on your journey, with a decent protection and A LOT of style.

Books: Here you can find mental upgrades. Knowledge that will enhance, inspire and raise your consciousness to a higher level. This will help you make smarter choices and have wiser outlooks on the world around you. You’ll learn how to do and achieve more with spending less energy. You’ll find guides that will show you the path towards leveling up as a Superhuman.

Enchantments: Here you can find spiritual upgrades. Orbs that will raise the frequency of your spirit. Enhancers radiating with positive energy, protectors from negative energy, aura purifiers, chakra cleaners and spiritual buffs to help you along your superhuman journey. Upgrading your spirit will increase your spiritual powers and boost your presence. All of this will influence the level on which you affect people around you.

Superhuman Items: Here you can find emotional upgrades. Items that will always be there, around you, ready to inspire you and remind you of who you really are and what you stand for. Posters that will show you complex info in a beautiful way, motivating you to use it. Accessories that will radiate with positivity. Reminders that will spark up your superhuman essence and fill you up with positive energy along your superhuman journey.

Gadgets: Here you can find technological helpers. Tools that will be of tremendous aid on your adventures. Devices that will enable you to express your abilities or enhance them even further. Toys that will help you explore your talents, passions and hobbies and achieve mastery. And some of them will simply boost the level of fun you are having. Every superhuman needs a little fun along their adventures. After all, what’s the point of what you are doing if you are not having fun?

Healing: Here you can find health enhancers. Products that will heal your body and spirit. It’s normal to get hurt along your superhuman journey. That’s why every hero has some kind of healing potion that restores their health. All of these products aim to help you restore your health, however, they should not be considered as a main remedy. You should always contact a doctor or a professional. Here you can find supplements that will simply help you be a healthier Superhuman.


How To Become A Superhuman?

The Superhuman Store is still in development but the first couple of products are open to purchase. We will update you when the official opening of the store happens.

If you subscribe here we will make sure you know first of every single new Superhuman Upgrade we invent and add to the store!

Soon we will add the official “How To Become A Superhuman” book series which will LITERALLY help you find your superpower and make you a Superhuman!

You can visit The Superhuman Store here!