Watch Elon Musk Go Through a Roller Coaster of Emotions as He Watches His Rocket Land!


Humanity might have evolved on this planet, but it was never our fate to perish here. Our purpose is to spread across the galaxy, to populate other planets and create an interstellar civilization.

It might seem a ludicrous idea to think we are worthy of such endeavor, but maybe pushing our limits even further will give us perspective to save our place here, on Earth. And this video might be the most determining moment in human history, EVER!

Fans of SpaceX are intimately familiar with the company’s first Falcon 9 rocket landing, since SpaceX released numerous images and video showcasing the event in amazing detail. But one thing that we didn’t get to see was how SpaceX CEO Elon Musk reacted to the event.

Fortunately, National Geographic was there to document this rarely EPIC moment and the chilling whirlwind of emotions:

What you’ve witnessed might be the first step, the origin story of a whole new humanity that never took a step on planet Earth. They might look at this video as the most significant moment in their story. What an EPIC realization that is!

Source: The Verge;