7 Spirit Poisons That Choke The Life Out Of You!


An idea is a powerful thing. It’s a set of thoughts suggesting to a possible course of action, and sometimes people can become obsessed with one.

An idea by itself is not powerful. However, once fueled with belief an idea can take over the world.

If you think this is a rare thing you should give it another thought. How many people are leading a certain type of life because of a simple idea they believe in? Let me give you a straight answer, ALL OF US!

There are positive ideas, ones that enrich the human spirit and steer us to work together, create art, express. But there are also negative ideas that are destructive to society and prevent us from unlocking our true potential as humans.

And then, there are ideas that choke the life out of you.


These ideas are poison to your spirit:Spirit Poisons

‘I should be liked by anyone’

No you don’t. Each and every single individual you meet has all the right in The Universe to not like you. What they think of you is their reflection and it’s not your business. Just like what you think about others it’s yours. Who you like and what you do about that is what matters, for you.

When you stop expecting everyone to like you, you will lay the foundation for meaningful relationships and a gradual realization of trust and respect. You’ll also avoid a bunch of unnecessary grief. And it’s an unimaginable relief to let others like whoever they want to like. It’s FREEDOM.


‘Life will be fair’

Life by itself is neither fair nor unfair, and it doesn’t need to be. What you think life should be, what you think should happen, is what creates the illusion of unfairness and fairness. Nothing owes you anything. And if life functioned with fairness and unfairness you should spend all your life on your knees saying ‘thanks’ for the sole fact that you get to experience life!

You get what you deserve, but the ‘deserve’ part is not based on your parameters for fairness. Fairness is what we introduce to the world to enrich the human spirit, and it’s not a bad thing. However, expecting fairness from the world is what twists your reality. It puts you in a victim mode. It makes you forget that ‘fairness’ is something we perceive, not a default rule. Once you accept this you take back your POWER.


‘People can read my mind’

This expectation is particularly problematic in romantic relationships, but it can cause problems in all areas of life. Basically, if you assume that people will always know what you’re trying to say, you will not try to explain, but the result is that you will be very misunderstood.

People look at the world much differently than you. We all see the world in our own light, no matter how connected you think you are to someone else. Nobody can read your mind, not yet understand why you think the way you think. That’s why you need to express your outlooks, talk about them. That’s how you connect with others. That’s how you pour your perspectives in REALITY.


‘Other people should get along with me’

Every person is a unique point of view. We all have a different sequence of memories, different information, knowledge, experiences, motivations and desires. Everything you know and believe is gathered from your point of view and even though is true for you, it doesn’t need to be to someone else. That’s why it’s healthy to keep an open mind and give credit to what others have to say. You don’t have to believe it, you don’t have to get along with that, but it’s completely unwise to think you know all the answers in a world where you are simply one piece of the puzzle.

It is often more productive to accept that there could be more than one correct answer on a controversial issue. That’s how you make room for new information, ideas and knowledge. That’s how you test what you know and ensure that you know the TRUTH.


‘Material goods will make me happy’

Of course, there are things that make life easier, more fun and enjoyable. However, do not fall into the trap and start to believe that it will lead to the accumulation of cases of true happiness.

Material goods will not be able to make you happy if you can’t find their true meaning. If you don’t live in accordance with their values and don’t really know yourself they can make you even sadder chasing your own tail. But if you manage to see that you are enough to be whoever you want to be, you’ll find something beyond. FULFILLMENT. You’ll be focused on the right things that give meaning to your life.


‘I will not fail’

Sometimes this is a good motivation. However, it still makes you focused on failure, you are avoiding it.

When you focus on something bigger than failure, you don’t really get too much disturbed if you fail. You don’t see failure, you see a step. Some steps you fail, some steps you succeed, but what you are after is a lot bigger than both. We all learn in life through trial and error. That’s how we become masters. True SUCCESS is a mindset of seeking the right way.


‘I need to find myself’

There isn’t a definite self. You are not the same person you were 15 years ago, nor you’ll be the same person in 15 years. You are a set of characters. With certain people you are one person, with others you are someone else. It depends on the alchemy you create.

We are a continuous process of becoming and if you define yourself, you forbid to become everything that you could possibly be. Stop trying to find yourself and just be. Be who you are, in the moment. You are the pure essence between all the characters you play. When you let go of defining who you are you allow yourself to be all that you are. You become your true self unlocking your full POTENTIAL.


Conclusion:Spirit Poisons That Choke The Life Out Of You

Detoxifying your spirit from these poisonous ideas will let you be the best version of yourself.

FREEDOM, POWER, REALITY, TRUTH, FULLFILMENT, SUCCESS and POTENTIAL. Those will be the spiritual gifts you get.

And with all of them together you’ll truly be ALIVE and achieve heights you’ve never dreamt of.

Can you imagine if we get rid of the destructive ideas that poison humanity?

We will all thrive!

What do you think?