THIS Is The POWERFUL Difference Between Resisting and REFUSING!


There is a law which states ‘whatever we resist, persists’ and this is, also, a well known quote by Carl Jung.

Whatever you try to avoid paradoxically is given more energy simply by the sole act of avoiding it.

Think of resisting as the opposite of allowing (which kinda is). Imagine you are steering a ship and think of them as 2 opposite directions.

If you allow something to happen your ship is steered towards that direction. If you resist something to happen you steer your ship away in the opposite direction. But in both cases the sole idea controls the movement of your ship, it’s just 2 opposite sides of the same spectrum.

The unwanted idea will have implications just because you gave it enough power to steer your ship in the opposite direction.

So does this mean we accept everything without trying to change anything? What if the ship is going toward rocks, shouldn’t we steer away from crashing?

You don’t resist, you refuse!

There is tremendous difference between resisting and refusing!

When you resist you are powerless, you are a victim of the unwanted idea. However, when you refuse, you take your power back.

You don’t care about the unwanted idea, you don’t run away from it. You go where you want to go despite the idea.

You avoid the rocks but you don’t steer away in the opposite direction. You refuse to crash into them not because you are scared of crashing into them, but because there is a bigger reason you are sailing towards.

The opposite of refusing is letting go.

It’s similar like allowing but it’s not the same!

When you allow you are focused on one idea while letting go dissolves the idea. You don’t know what will happen. It’s a higher state.

However, if there is a destination you want to reach than you shouldn’t let go. You should keep going and refusing anything until you reach it.

It’s crucially important to master the art of keep going and letting go! This will help you make your dreams come true without forgetting to live!