Here Is How Humans Will Look Like In 1,000 Years According To Scientific Predictions


Considering today’s technological advancements it’s really interesting to think about the future. How will humanity be different in 1,000 years?

Scientists did an interesting project about answering this question and they discovered 7 mindboggling biological changes the future generations will have.

Here they are:

Scientists predict we’ll be taller, skinnier and our faces will be perfectly symmetrical from left to right following a golden ratio.



Scientists predict we may develop a whole new eye color: Red Eyes!



The average lifespan of a human being will be more than 120 years.



Sun protection will be an evolutionary advantage so we may develop darker skin.



With advancements in science and medicine we’ll be stronger and healthier.


Scientists say that humans will most likely integrate nano bots in their biological systems which will enhance their biological abilities.

Due to climate change, radiation and warfare, scientists say humans might very well have genetic mutations that give them superhuman abilities.

Here are 3 videos that will give you a clear picture of how humans and the world might look like in 1000 years: