Researchers Estimate A 95% Chance Death Of Mankind By The Year 2710! THIS Is Our Greatest Threat…


Humanity is not a business (as far as we know), however, an astounding research by “BCA Research”, a company specialized in investment research, discovered a TERRIFYING truth:

Chief strategist Peter Berezin estimated at 50 percent probability of death to mankind 2290 year and 95 percent that it will happen to 2710 year. (source)

When businessmen look to invest, research companies calculate various facts and variables to estimate what’s the wisest choice based on what companies will most likely thrive and what will not last for long. The percentages are almost never close to 100% however, this estimation shocked many people!

Humanity is not a business, but the risk variables and the calculation logic for growth or collapse is basically the same. You either progress or not. And humanity’s percent for destruction seems to drastically increase over the years.

Calculated outside factors like: large asteroids, aliens, climate change, Natural disasters, viruses… are variables that do not pose as much danger as something we all hold within. That’s what’s terrifying!

Researchers say it’s our mindset that drive us towards the end of the cliff.

“We already have technologies that allow you to destroy the Earth, but we have not yet developed technology that will allow you to survive in case of catastrophe”  – stated in the report for customers of BCA Research.


This clearly shows towards what end we spend our creative power. We spend money and energy mainly on technology that’s destructive, that’s where our focus is as a collective, even though that’s not how it looks from within!

There are many businesses and creative inventions, however, all of them feed larger corporations. And if we keep moving further to see the bigger picture we’ll realize that what we all really feed are businesses which create weapons, destroy Nature, harm our health and create wars.

“Humanity will be able to rapidly raise the IQ by genetic technologies. Developing intelligence, in turn, will ensure the emergence of more and more intelligent people.” Says the economist.

However, if we keep the same mindset we will be the highest intelligent creatures that will destroy their place on Earth!

Nothing is as big of a threat to our existence on Earth as our destructive mindset, not even an asteroid! We have a plan how to deal with asteroids, we don’t even know we have a destructive mindset as humanity.

“Civilization, apparently, close to a turning point – the third in its history…”

But even if we don’t change there is ONE OTHER WAY we can change our fate. That’s moving away to a new home!

If we keep the same mindset, at least we can migrate to a new planet and settle there, buy ourselves a couple of thousand years to change.

However, we will not solve the main problem, we will just run away from it!