With THIS Simple Life Hack You’ll Become A Geography Expert Without Doing ANYTHING!


One of science fiction’s greatest inventions is downloading of knowledge straight into your mind. You want to be a master in Karate, download the file; you want to know everything about cars, download the file;

However, until science reaches that point, there is a simple trick which works almost like you’ve downloaded a file straight into your mind. Unfortunately this works for a small number of fields like mastering the chemical elements or becoming an expert in geography.

If you are a person who spends a significant amount of time showering pondering about the big questions in life like: ‘What’s the mening of life?’ and ‘What if we were able to see farts, instead of smelling them?’; you can use that time to master a field like Geography!


This amazing shower curtain with every name of every country in the world will certainly be ‘downloaded’ into your mind and in just a couple of showers, you’ll be an expert in Geography. Here are more options for other fields:


Become a master of the chemical elements:



Discover the old world:



Learn the constellations:



Memorize over 1000 Pi decimals in a sequence:



Learn Spanish:



Learn about the human anatomy:



Learn The Sign Language Alphabet:



Learn Yoga positions and position names:


Most of these educational shower curtains you can get HERE!