The ONE Most Important Secret YOU Need to Know about Success!


There are many individuals who preach about success. They all speak about different lessons and tips on how to become successful and you’ve probably seen countless images with their quotes on them. The truth is they all say the same thing, just in many different ways and looked through many different angles.

Success is a mindset. It is not something you achieve it is something with what you achieve. It is a frequency you vibrate on.

It has nothing to do with money. It is all about taking control over your focus and growing. To succeed at something means to grow worthy of the thing.

Labor, unnecessary work, burning fuel while being stuck in the mud is not how you grow. Most often, what you need to do to grow is a lot less energy consuming than what you keep on doing while being stuck.

Yes, you need to sweat your ass, but you need to sweat it on the things which benefit your dream and not sweat it so you can prove to yourself that you deserve success.

And when you realize this you will see that there is no work-time for successful people. You always work. And there is fun in your work, there are problems in need of solution, there is going out, meeting new people and even watching Movies and TV shows.

Everything in your day, even when you are on a vacation you are working.

A successful person always works on their dream.

This probably seems a little overwhelming but in reality, this will give you more energy than anything you could imagine.

It is not about the success. It’s about building your dream and becoming the person you know you can be.

You will wake up every day full with passion.

Do you want me to tell you the greatest secret for success?

Of course you do.

Here it is:

Whoever you are and wherever you are, at this moment, right now and where you are, you have a chance to make 1mil$. You have a chance to live your dream, to have the greatest life you can possibly imagine. This is true for all of us.

Do you know why you are not “successful” and why you are not living your dreams?

Because it is you who is not grown to fit them right now.

However, they exist, all around you, every day, every moment of your life.

You just need to learn a couple of lessons and grow to fit them.

And here is another truth.

We are all scared and tired. All of us.

That’s why we so desperately seek someone to tell us what to do, what is right. But no one really knows what is right. What is right for you is what matters.

And when you start listening to yourself, things get scary. There is no one to back your opinions up but your faith in yourself.

This is why people turn back to following others, and working for others’ dreams instead of their own. They are scared. But guess what, the truth is, even the people who give you work and tell you what to do don’t know what the hell is right. They are scared too.

However, they do not let their fear prevent them from building their dreams. They are scared but they choose to stand for what they know it is right. That’s what being successful means.

How does it feel?

It feels like running a marathon, without having an opportunity of stopping, for 10 years, and not even knowing you are running towards the right direction while all of the people who you grew with and trusted most are telling you “Come on dude, stop it. Do what all the others are doing. Get a job. Find a girl/boy. Stop torturing yourself it is pointless.” Some may even laugh at you, and this stings the most.

The worst thing is even you do not fully know that what you are doing is the right thing.

But you keep on running because somewhere deep in yourself nothing else felt more right to you.

And this is the greatest secret:

There is no finish line. The marathon never ends as long as you run. But “running” this path you chose for yourself is how you grow and growing through your true potential is what being successful truly means.

That’s how you build your dream, or more accurately, you build yourself to fit your dream.

And as you grow you will succeed more and more and more, you will achieve more and more, you will build more and more, and people will suddenly start seeing that you were right all along, some of them may even start following you.

Do not hate them for this. Use them. Give them a chance to show their true potential. Let them grow in their own way.

Do not forget that the most important trait before being successful is to be human.


<Success is reached through growing, not chasing>