THIS Brilliant Comic Perfectly Captures What Meditation REALLY Is!


Everyone who tried meditating, for the first couple of times they thought that something is wrong: ‘I am doing something wrong here, this cannot be what meditation really is, my mind is more active with thoughts than ever!’

You try to relax, to calm your mind, but like a wild beast your mind get’s more restless. Your thoughts multiply. The voices inside your mind divide into 10, 20, 50… You feel like you are losing control over your mind. Like you are a spectator. And most of us give up here. We too become restless and we quit meditating. But there is a crucial KEY ELEMENT we miss here.

Take a look at this BRILLIANT comic that perfectly captures what happens while we meditate; and what happens after we accept being the spectator:


Meditation Thumbnail


You are not your thoughts. You are the silent spectator. You have power over your thoughts, you can choose what thoughts you act upon. They are like cards dealt; you are not your cards, you play them. When you surrender to being a spectator, your thoughts lose power over you, they fade away, complete bliss shines through; and you regain your real power.

Comic Source: High Existence;