THIS Is What Your Thumbprint Reveals About Your Personality…


Everything has a certain consequence on the development of our character; where we are born, family, friends, society.. partake has even the food we eat.

Scientists believe that the shape of our body parts contain clues to our personality. (source)

By theory, your character too has an effect of how your body develops because your body is an extension of your mind and brain. Different stimulations result in different outcomes. This being said, your unique thumbprint may reveal a crucial quality about your character.

Dermatoglyphics is a branch of science that is dedicated to the study of the mount, the ridges, and the lines that form your fingerprints. Owing to this science, we now have 11 different types of patterns in fingerprints that have a few personality traits associated with them. (source)

This is what your fingerprints reveal about your character:

[HINT: Look at all your fingers instead just your thumb to understand more about yourself. They can all share a same pattern]


1. Composite WhorlComposite Whorl

People with this fingerprint pattern are very good communicators. They have amazing coordination skills, and make decisions taking cue from the environment they are in, which makes them very adaptable. But they get distracted quite easily.


2. Concentric WhorlConcentric Whorl

People with this fingerprint pattern are usually self-loving. They love setting objectives for themselves, and hate being controlled in any way. Although, they are very subjectively sound people.


3. Imploding WhorlImploding Whorl

People with ‘an imploding whorl’ pattern are usually very self-conscious, and a tiny bit shy as well. However, they are great at multi tasking and are very open minded.


4. Peacock’s EyePeacock's Eye

People with ‘a peacock’s eye’ fingerprint is considered to have excellent leadership qualities. They are extremely artistic and very expressive. They’re also considered to be highly perceptive.


5. Press WhorlPress Whorl

People with this fingerprint pattern are considered to be highly ambitious, and very competitive. With such characteristics, they hate to be defeated. They have an eye for detail, and are very well organized with their budgets.


6. Radial LoopsRadial Loop

People with ‘a radial loop’ pattern tend to be self-centered and egocentric. They love to go against the majority, and question and criticize. They love their independence and are usually very clever.


7. Simple ArchSimple Arch

People with ‘a simple arch’ fingerprint can be characterized as dedicated, committed, with a deep sense of loyalty. This makes them dependable and steady workers. They also tend to be introvert, and usually don’t like taking risks.


8. Spiral WhorlSpiral Whorl

People with this fingerprint pattern are very self motivated, and individualistic. They tend to love their solitude, which might make them seem a bit aloof, but really, they’re just trying to find their niche.


9. Tented ArchTented Arch

People with this fingerprint pattern are usually really confusing. They can be extremely welcoming one day, and completely uninterested the other. They are very creative and aren’t afraid of challenges. However, they can be very impulsive at times.


10. Ulnar LoopsUlnar Loop

People with this fingerprint pattern are generally gentle, observant and passive. And they love going with the flow.


11. Variant PatternsVariant Patterns

People with this fingerprint pattern can usually offend other people easily. Their way of expressing themselves is usually very unique and complex which tends to put people off.

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