Instructor Telling A Student ‘It’s OK to cry’ Is A Lesson Not Taught In Any School


Pain is a part of life. You cannot escape feeling pain from time to time, be that emotional or physical. However, you can choose what the pain you experience will be for; for growing or for collapsing; what direction will you grow at.

Comfort keeps us safe from pain but it also keeps us “safe” from thriving! Whether you build muscles, you learn something new, or push your limits to become a better version of yourself, you will feel pain. Fear guards our comfort zone, it’s like the fence around our comfort. And sometimes we need to force ourselves through this ‘fence’ in order to be better!

It is said that when you go through hell, just keep going. Most of us panic and run back to the start to escape hell. But we end up always running away from the inner hell.

We have to go through in order to deal with it. In life there are moments with pain, but only if we face this pain we will learn the massage it has to tell us.

It’s like we are scared from the monster inside the closet and we don’t want to look, hear, or open the closet at any cost. We spend our lives running away from our inner pain.

We monsterized our pain and we dread it. But if we find courage to open the closet, to face our inner monsters, and to keep going as they try to scare us, we will realize the closet was empty all along.

Just watch what this wise instructor tells his apprentice when he starts crying as he fears to punch through the pallet because of fear of pain.

It’s one of the most important lessons that every human needs to learn:

Don’t run away from your emotions. Go through them!