THIS Is What Happens If You Blow Your Thumb For 60 Seconds…


The human body is a remarkable machine. So many things work together to create balance and harmony and yet, the body holds an amazing potential still undiscovered. In our defense we are all born without a manual so we need to learn its secrets along the way.

If we learn what buttons to push and what shortcuts to take we can manage the functions of our body for our own benefit. Even our emotions and feelings.

Here is a sweet shortcut that will relieve you from this unpleasant feeling:



It sounds strange, but to be calmed down and went back to normal – try to blow your thumb for 60 seconds. Because it is responsible for the so-called vagus nerve – the vagus nerve, which is a literal connection between body and mind, is responsible for our “gut feeling” – the combination of slowing down your breathing and stimulating your thumb with cool air results in a state of relaxation. It will relieve you from feeling nervous.

This is a powerful trick that will help you in moments before an important interview, public speech or an argument with your partner.

Source: myhealthytraining;