Qigong Master Demonstrates His POWERS And Proves We Are ALL CONNECTED To A Singular, Infinite Energy!


Many ancient civilizations knew about this energy that flows through everything. Some call it Prana, Chi, Wuji or simply “The Force” as it’s more famous in the modern world. It has many names but they all describe the same energy that constantly flows through us and surrounds us.

When you look around the empty space, it’s not really empty. Nothing is, except the vacuum in space. Everything around us is a molecule, an atom, a system of vibrating strings. At the core of everything is the pure energy that vibrates those strings.

So when you look around you, everything is made from this energy. Even you. Everything emits this energy. Even you. When you really look, everything is swimming in a giant pool of energy. There is no separation. The energy interacts and intertwines with itself. It flows in a chaotic manner. You are YOU because of your frequency, but the energy you use comes from this giant pool.

So in a way, we can learn to tap into this pool and manipulate this energy. We can learn to use it to create harmony in places where there is a blockage. Qigong is not a religion. It requires no change in your belief system. It’s a science, an ancient one. It’s like knowing “First Aid” and it’s really helpful if you know how to practice it, for you and everyone around you.

“The essence of all evolution in Nature emerges from chaos. By understanding the infinite energy that is always available to us, we can flow naturally with the chaotic rhythms of The Universe.” – Master Duan Zhi Liang