EVERYDAY We Are Using A Little Bit Of Magic And We Don’t Even Realize!


You’ve probably heard the phrase “everything is energy” and “there is energy all around us” but not many can really picture and understand this fact. Firstly, there is a difference between the energy that everything is made from and the energy which everything uses. This is why we distinct matter and energy.

Matter is actually constructed by systems of concentrated energy working together to shape something. The other side of the coin, the free energy that things of matter use, fundamentally is a play of light and darkness between the fundamental forces of The Universe like Electromagnetism and Gravity.

The Universe as it is, it’s full of magic waiting for someone to use. But what is magic? It’s the ability to manipulate the primordial forces. How do you manipulate a primordial force? You use the ability of your consciousness to harness its power and use it for your benefit.

The simple fact that you are reading this on a screen of a device powered by electricity is a hint that we learned how to harness the power of primordial forces long time ago. All along, the magic wand was in our heads and we called it a brain. Watch Alan Watts explaining exactly this in the short animation below. At the last few seconds you’ll understand HOW you’ve been using magic all along!