This 94 Year Old Lady Buys 5 Second TV Commercial To Share These 3 Simple Words…


They say old people are just like children. You need to take care of them, they can do silly things, and their attention span is probably the same. But just like with kids, you can hear some of the wisest words listening to the elders.

They’ve been around long before you were born, and they watched things change, you grow, and society progress. They know what is constant through generations, they can distinct the bs from the things that really matter. Their advice is the best advice you can get. Their words are golden.

Meet Shirley Batchelder, a 94 year old granny who lived a happy life. She was loved, had a family and many friends. She still does. However, on her bucket list there is one more thing she wanted to do, and believe it or not, it was to buy 5 second TV commercial to share these 3 simple words: