This Is Your Only Call To Join The Superhuman Academy!


Do you feel that you are something more deep inside of you? I am not talking about that urge we all feel that we are something more than society sees in us. I am talking about REALLY feeling that you are a Super Hero inside.

You feel imprisoned, having no idea what to do next with your life. Like your story is just on hold.

You waited your entire life till now for something to happen. Something magical even.

You saw movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of The Rings and you desperately waited for that call for adventure. But you never did get that letter. A wizard never showed up on your door, did it?

You cannot live in the lie any longer. You cannot pretend. You cannot keep your power dormant anymore. You feel like you are going to explode of energy.

But there is no place for expressing that greatness, no arena for this gladiator.

I know. I know the feeling you get. The disgust of the ordinary life. Being surrounded with people who cannot see the magic of life you see.

The feeling that there MUST be something more to all of this. It just must.

That’s what we all feel deep in our hearts.

We know that we were meant to be Super Heroes.

That’s probably why we puke rainbows every time MARVEL or DC release a new movie.

I know this because I am also one of you. A desperado for the magic way of life. A seeker of truth and follower of the heart.

I also waited for that call for adventure. I never got it. One day I sat down and really thought about this.

I realized, in all probability, I will never get the call.

Life people have created is nothing like the life only few of us have courage to believe in. Reality is constructed by different believes.

The world is not like the world we envision to become. It’s not like in the movies, the comics or the TV Shows. It’s not that awesome.. in other words it is lame compared to its full potential.

However, it is reality.

But, that does not change how we feel deep inside our hearts.

It does not change the fact that reality can be more awesome.

It can, all we need to do is act on our beliefs.

Because of this I decided to do something about it.

If I am not going to get that call, I decided to create that call.

I was feeling like I am going to explode. Literally BOOM.

I had no medium to share what I knew.

No people who will take this information seriously, all they cared was making money so they’ll buy s**t they don’t need because they are trying to fill a black hole.

They did not care, about the AWESOMENESS of life. All they care is running away of something they are terrified to face, themselves.

Distracting themselves.

This demands money.

But I do not need money. I need more AWESOME WORLD.

I need Superhumans in the world.

I decided to create a Superhuman Academy.

What is a Superhuman Academy?

I decided to create a place where individuals who are courageous enough to work on themselves will be educated to find their Inner Superpower, design their Mask, and become Superhuman.

So this is your call.

This is the letter, the wizard showing on your door asking you to join him on a quest.

This is your chance to learn how to use your anger like Hulk, use your creativity to design your suit like Iron Man, Become a God like Thor, or just follow your hero heart like Captain America.

You see, all of them are Super Heroes because of something they’ve decided to follow deep inside of them.

All of their POWERS come because they’ve discovered their SUPER deep inside of them.

They all refused to be what the world was making them be.

They all decided to believe in that tiny spark inside their hearts, and that loving readers, that is a REAL Super Power.

Not the money, or the anger, the godlike powers to use your mind with full capacity, or the muscles. It’s WHAT you are going to use them for.

Your purpose.

Your essence.

Everything else is just a tool helping you on your quest.

Once you find your tiny spark your Super Power will be shown to yourself by yourself.


I know how to lead you to it.

I am asking all of you to join me on this journey.

Will you follow me?

Will you follow Life Coach Code and join the Superhuman Academy?

If you decide to accept this invitation please continue reading.

The whole concept is about transformation into Superhumans.

This will be achieved by using the Sacred Knowledge we will share with the students through set of SPECIAL articles.

We have created a method which works with all the 4 pillars of our being.

The Spiritual Pillar – Thor, The Mental Pillar – Iron Man, The Physical Pillar – Captain America, and The Emotional Pillar Hulk.

This is your calling. You’ve waited all your life for this. Will you take action? I believe whatever you choose is the right choice for you!

But the thing is that we accept only limited amount of people within The Superhuman Academy. We want to focus on quality over quantity.

We want to give each participant all the attention they need to transform. So if you think of joining, secure your spot now!

I need people to awaken, decode and evolve. People who will discover their unique super power that hides within them.

I need people to become Super Humans because only then the reality we all believe in will be true. The world will become EPIC.

Why prolong this AWESOMENESS.

Join The Superhuman Academy now!