The Cure for Anxiety No One Talks About! (And It’s So Freaking Simple You’ll Start to Laugh!)


Have you ever had a panic attack? I did a couple of months ago. Several of them. It’s scary, you think that you are having a heart attack, you are unable to hold yourself together, your mind is screaming and a wave of emotions goes through you.

And it’s all because of anxiety. It’s a result of living a long time with anxiety. A life where you are not true to yourself, to what you want and how you want to live.

You are desperately trying to swallow these emotions and act as everything is alright because you are scared of other people judging you. And this continuous process amplifies the anxiety like putting more and more branches to the fire.

The thing with anxiety is that you are always scared. You are always focused on controlling the chaos inside you and this takes A LOT of your energy. You act like your old self but inside you are extremely fragile, like an unstable dynamite.

And when the excessive waste of energy becomes too much, when you waste your reserves that keep all that turmoil at bay, your conscious mind is over flooded with emotions that cannot be comprehended and you start having a panic attack.

“I went to doctors, I exercised, I meditated, I did yoga, I deep breathing exercises, I took supplements, I went to chiropractors, naturopaths, spiritual healers, I cleaned up my diet, I went on long runs, I prayed, I volunteered, I did a fast for nine days where I had nothing but water, I did psychedelic drugs – everything you can think of! I even took a six week course online specifically designed for men struggling with anxiety. And at the end of all of this experimentation, nothing worked. Things would work for a day or 2 but then I would go right back into feeling miserable.” – says Charlie Hoehn explaining his struggle with panic attacks and anxiety.

What helped him is nothing you would normally think of. I must admit that watching this video truly helped me too. I started laughing because the solution is actually so freaking simple, and it’s always staring us in the eyes…