THIS Eye-Opening Video of The World Shrunken to a 100 People Society will Make You Grateful!


There are approximately 7.4 Billion people on planet Earth. That’s a big number to grasp and put in perspective. I mean a lot of us find hard to imagine 50 different faces and characters, and we are speaking of 7 Billion here. Impossible, right?

But it’s crucial to understand how the world functions so we can have a clear picture of reality.

For this we need to shrink the population of the world to 100 people keeping the same structure we have today and whala… we have a nice and clear picture of reality we can imagine and fully comprehend.

100-Population-World Facts:

–  The sex is balanced, 50 would be female and 50 would be male;
–  There would be 74 adults, 8 of whom would be an age of 65 and older, and 26 would be children;
–  There would be 60 Asians, 15 Africans, 14 people from the Americas, and 11 Europeans;
–  31 would be Christians, 23 would be Muslims, 15 Hindus, 7 Buddhists, and 12 people who practice other religions, the rest 12 people would not be aligned with a religion;
–  12 would speak Mandarin, 6 would speak Spanish, 5 English, 4 Hindi, 3 Arabic, and the rest 70 would speak 6,500 other languages;
–  86 would be able to read and write, 14 people would not;
–  15 people would make 2$ per day, 56 would make between 2-10$ per day, 13 between 10-20$ per day, 9 between 20-50$ per day, 6 between 50-90$ per day, and 1 person makes more than 90$ per day;
–  1 person controls 50% of all the money in the world;
–  There would be 21 overweight people, 63 healthy, 15 malnourished, and 1 person starving for food;
–  87 people would have clean water and 13 people would not;
–  77 people would have shelter and 23 people would not;
–  44 people would have internet and 56 people would not;
–  75 people would have mobile and 25 people would not;
–  7 people would attend college and 93 people would not;

Global PointsBE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE – You have more than you think! GIVE TO OTHERS WHAT YOU DON’T NEED – It may be the only thing they need! SHARE WITH OTHERS WHAT YOU HAVE MORE THAN NECESSARY – Make a better world!